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John DiCicco Senior Lecturer
Business Management

John DiCicco

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Ph.D., Higher Education Administration and Professional Development - Capella University
B.S., M.S., Organizational Behavior -  Lesley College
A.S., Fisher College

Since 1999, Dr. DiCicco been a member in the Department of Management at Curry College, Milton, M.A. - presently, holding the rank of Senior Lecturer Plus. He teaches Principles of Management, Economics, Employment and Labor Law, Collective Bargaining, Business Ethics, Organizational Systems and Processes, Leadership, Human Resource Management, Personal Finance, International Business and Senior Seminar.

Dr. DiCicco has served as the Campus College Chair of Graduate Business Management Programs at the University of Phoenix, Massachusetts Campuses from August, 2007 until January, 2014. His primary responsibility was academic affairs and served as a conduit between students and faculty.

From 1991 to 2007, Dr. DiCicco was the president of Organizational Analysis Systems, a management consulting group located in Brockton, MA. OAS specialized in consulting and training upper and middle level managers to be more responsible leaders in their respective fields. Although OAS consulted and trained in many industries that are both privately and publicly owned, many of its clients were representative of healthcare or healthcare related organizations.

Dr DiCicco has authored two books on Leadership, (co-authored) "Leadership Is a Choice, DiCicco", Strong, 2010, Tate Publishing and "The Leadership Gene", DiCicco, 2014, Tate Publishing.

Dr. DiCicco earned his Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration and Professional Development at Capella University in Minneapolis, M.N. in 2001. His thesis topic was: "Recognizing and Developing Alternative Learning Styles in Community Colleges." He earned his Masters in Management and Bachelors in Organizational Behavior from Lesley University.