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Grace Lincoln Senior Lecturer

Grace Lincoln

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Ph.D., Values Intelligence, Walden University

Professional Bio:
Grace Lincoln, Ph.D., has been an educator for over 30 years. She has done research and practice on the intersection between values, emotions, and creative arts for students with substance use disorders. She has extensive experiences in classroom settings from elementary school to higher education. Grace is an educational specialist and founder of BrainMax, an educational consulting firm, working closely with psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental health counselors. Currently, Grace is earning a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree in General Law with a Child Advocacy Law concentration.

Grace is certified with the International Coaching Federation as a Professional Coach. She is an Executive Board Member for the Friends of Lilibet, Inc. A charitable foundation that provides financial aid for unexpected veterinary expenses to maintain a pet’s quality of life.

Personal Interests:
Gardening, travel, and Taoism

Describe your inspiration for teaching in PAL:
My goal is to empower a stronger generation of diverse learners who will grow and develop in the academic setting and go forward to foster positive social actions.

Courses Taught at Curry College:

  • The Learning Process I: Insight, Strategic Development, and Application
  • PAL Cohort Undeclared
  • PAL Cohort Communications
  • The Learning Process II: Insight, Strategic Development, and Application Advancement in Learning

Pictured Horizons: Dialogue and Promotion of Intellectual Richness Through Auto-Photography.
American Educational Research Association - Division B
Curriculum Studies / Section 3: Challenging Methodological Boundaries in Curriculum Inquiry. Presented April 2013.

Values, Emotions, Photography, and Adolescents in Recovery From Substance Abuse.
ProQuest/UMI; 2012 (13193).

Year of Beginning PAL: 2017