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Kathleen Wilmot Associate Professor

Kathleen Wilmot

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M.S., Radford University
M.Ed., Curry College

Kathleen Cassidy Wilmot holds an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and Moderate Special Needs, a Master of Science in Special Education and Emotional Disturbance, a Master of Education with a focus on Social Cognition and the Learning Disabled Student and a certificate of completion in Computer Applications.  She is currently an Associate Professor in the Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL) at Curry College.  Her interests include developing support groups for students addressing their social challenges which they face in both their academic and personal lives, developing a support group to facilitate active learning for PAL student's enrolled in Business Management program at Curry College and working closely with PAL Admissions assessing cognitive and educational testing of incoming students.  

In addition to her work in PAL, Kathy also teaches First Year Experience at the college.  She is a contributing author in A Closer Look (1995).  Her chapter is entitled The Relationship Between Social Deficits and Learning Disabilities in College Students.  Her current research includes a focus on the retention rate and who is successful in the PAL population and the benefits of group learning with Curry College's first year Business Management Cohort.