How can I help my student in his/her career exploration?

Because you know your student better than anyone, you are an integral part in the process of helping your son/daughter to discover work in which they will thrive. We encourage parents to be involved in their student's career exploration and job search planning throughout their time at Curry.

You can begin your involvement by:

  • Encouraging your student to visit the Center for Career Development early and often during their college career. We can offer assistance from self-exploration and choosing a major to career identification and job search strategy development.
  • Talking with your student about what you see as his/her skills, interests and abilities. Often another perspective is helpful in identifying those special qualities we can't always see in ourselves.
  • Telling your student about your job and current responsibilities, as well as your own career path. Identify any friends or professional colleagues who do work that might be interesting to your son/daughter. Young adults may be familiar with job titles but often don't understand exactly what it is a job entails. If possible, ask your son/daughter to job shadow you (or a friend) for a ½ day as this can be a valuable introduction to the work world.
  • Encouraging your student to do at least one internship and the prerequisite course EXP 2340 "Introduction to Experiential Learning." An internship is a great way to explore different career options and employers rate practical experience higher than any other criteria in their hiring decisions.
  • Using your network of contacts. 70% of new jobs are found through the "hidden job market," and as a college student or recent grad, you are your son/daughter's best source of professional contacts. Whether for an informational interview, a job shadow, an internship or a job, your student has an invaluable resource in your friends, neighbors, colleagues, family members, etc.


Q: What services does the Center for Career Development provide?

The CCD is involved in all aspects of career planning including job search assistance, resume development, interview preparation, graduate school counseling, and other career-related services. 

Q: When should my student start using the Center for Career Development?

A: To make the most of his or her college experience, your student should utilize the CCD beginning in his or her first year and continue to use the office as a resource throughout the next four years at Curry. Our Four Year Career Development model provides a solid foundation in the career development process and equips Curry College students to develop life long career-related skills.

Q: How can my student learn about what options are available?

A: There are a number of ways students can explore resources and career options that are available to them. This includes the following:
Curry Connect: Curry College's job and internship database. This database helps students find all types of employment, on and off-campus.
Experiential Education Courses: This curriculum is based on the foundation of our Four Year Career Development model. Students are encouraged to take one or all of these credited courses during their time at Curry. 
Work Experience: We encourage students to participate in a number of different resume-building opportunities including on-campus jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities. These experiences will give your student a sense of the career opportunities available to them.
Career Events: We offer a number of robust career events during the academic year including panels, conferences, and fairs.

Q: What is the availability of the Center for Career Development? What if my student lives far from campus during breaks?

The CCD is a 12 month office and has standard office hours of Monday-Friday 8:30 am-4:30 pm. All individual appointments are scheduled via an online scheduling service and students can specify if they would like to meet with a counselor in person, over the phone, or using Skype. 

Q: What if my student is unsure about what they want to do?

A: Many students entering college are unsure or a career path. We encourage students to meet with the CCD first to establish career goals and then to let us guide them to resources that can best accommodate their needs.

Q: How does my student get a job on the Curry College campus?

A: All on-campus jobs, including work-study and non-work study, are posted in our online job database, Curry Connect. Current students have access to the system through the Curry College Portal.

Q: When should my student do an internship and what are the requirements?

A: Students who are seeking to do a credited internship may begin an internship in their sophomore year. The current requirements* for students to participate are:

-Sophomore Status (30+ completed credits)
-Cumulative G.P.A of 2.75
-Completion of EXP 2340: Introduction of Experiential Learning (Grade of "C" or higher)

* Some academic departments have additional requirements before students in the major can participate in an internship. Please check with your student's academic department for additional information.

Q: How will the Center for Career Development help find my student a job?

A: The CCD offers support in all aspects of the job searching process including job searching strategies, resume development, and interviewing techniques. Students should schedule an individual appointment with a counselor to better assess their job search needs.

Please visit the Center for Career Development (located in the King Building), or contact us at (617) 333-2195, or careerdevelopment@curry.edu if we can be of assistance to you or your student.

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