Faculty Benefits

Welcome to Curry's benefits overview guide.
Curry College recognizes the significant contribution that our employees make to the College, and we have worked hard to ensure that our benefit offerings remain generous.  The following is an outline of Benefit Plans offered to all benefit eligible, full-time Faculty and Senior Lecturers, at Curry College. The plan documents are the ultimate determinant of benefits.

Group Life Insurance:

Curry College provides coverage in the amount of two times annual base salary rounded to the next $1,000 to a maximum of $200,000 at no cost. The College also provides A D & D at no cost. Employees also have the option of purchasing additional life insurance for themselves, their spouses and dependents.

Long Term Disability:

Provides disability income (70% of your monthly basic earnings to a maximum of $7,500 of scheduled monthly benefits) after 90 days of continuous disability. The College provides LTD insurance at no cost.

Health Insurance:

Medical insurance is covered by Tufts Health Plan. The choice of medical plans within the Tufts network are:
1. Tufts Premium HMO
2. Tufts Advantage HMO ($1,000.00 Deductible Plan)
3. Tufts POS Premium
4. Tufts PPO Premium (available to out of state employees only).
The College provides individual and family health insurance coverage plans with a cost shared by the employee and the College.

Dental Insurance:

Cigna Dental PPO dental plan covers preventive services at 100%, basic services at 100% after the annual deductible and most major services at 50%.  The College provides individual and family dental insurance coverage plans with a cost shared by the employee and the College.

Automobile Insurance: - Safety Net:

Curry College employees and their spouses can have their automobile policies written with any Safety Agent to receive a 5% group discount.

Retirement Annuity Plan:

Voluntary contributions can be made by employees on a tax-deferred basis electing the investment options offered under the TIAA or Fidelity Investment Services upon date of hire. The College will match the eligible employee's contribution 200% up to 6.00% of his/her base salary upon completion of 1 year of service, or immediately with verification that 1 year of service and prior 403b eligibility has been met at another institution immediately prior to beginning at Curry. The College also offers a Supplemental Retirement and Savings Plan with the same investment options which is not matched by the College but allows employees added saving potential for retirement on a tax-deferred basis.

Long Term Care Insurance:

Long Term Care Insurance is offered through John Hancock Financial Network. If you would like more detailed information regarding services covered as well as annual premiums please contact Erica Mellone, CFP at 781-446-5036, or by email at emellone@centinelfg.com.

Medical Expense Reimbursement Account:

This account allows employees to contribute up to $2,500 per year from their salary, pre-taxed, into an account from which you can pay for eligible out of pocket medical, dental and vision expenses. This account may also be used to pay for private individual health premiums.

Dependent Care Assistance Plan:

This account allows employees to reduce taxable salary to pay for dependent care expenses. The annual salary can be reduced by a maximum of $5,000 for qualifying expenses.

Educational Benefits:

Full-time faculty and Senior Lecturers may enroll in all undergraduate and graduate non-cohort based College courses on a tuition free, space available basis.  Spouses, domestic partners, dependent children and independent children up to the age of 27 of Full-time faculty and Senior Lecturers who have three years of service may enroll in all Curry College undergraduate and non-cohort based graduate courses on a tuition-free, space available basis. The College also participates in the Tuition Exchange program for undergraduate education of dependent children. Eligibility is limited for the TE Program and is based on the Faculty member's seniority. This is not a guaranteed benefit. In addition the College participates in the CIC/Tuition Exchange Program for undergraduate and graduate education for Full-time faculty and Senior Lecturers and their families in accordance with the CIC eligibility guidelines, and other terms and conditions. There is a 3 year service requirement for both plans.

Curry Early Childhood Center:

The College provides an on-campus daycare center for children of faculty and staff, through age 5, on a space available basis. Rates are subsidized by the College.


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