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How do I check my fall grades?

Log on to myCurry, then click the quick launch icon for CWIS. Go to “Registration and Academic Records” --> “Final Grades.” Some grades will be available for viewing before the January break, but all grades, updated GPAs, and academic standings will be available by January 8, 2020.

What if I can’t access my grades?

There are a few reasons you might not be able to see your grades:

  • Do you have a financial hold on your account? If so, contact Student Financial Services at 617-333-2354 to find out how to get that lifted so you can view your grades.
  • Do you have a health hold on your account? If so, contact the Health Center at 617-333-2182 to find out what forms are missing.
  • Have you completed all of your course assessments? If not, click on the “Course Assessment” icon on your myCurry homepage and finish them.
  • If you have completed your assessments, have no holds on your account, and still can’t view your grades, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 617-333-2008.

Did I make the Dean’s List?

If you earned at least 12 letter-graded credits, earned a 3.3 semester GPA, and had no incompletes or grades lower than C, then you made the Dean’s List! Congratulations! Names of Dean’s List members will be posted on and linked from myCurry in January.

What is my academic standing?

Students in their first semester at Curry who earned over a 2.0 are in good academic standing. Students in their first semester who earned a 1.5 - 1.99 are on academic warning. Students on Academic Warning will receive a letter regarding your standing and an email from an Academic Success Coordinator.

Students in their first semester who earned below a 1.5 are on academic probation. Students on Academic Probation will receive a letter, as well as an email and a phone call from the Academic Success Coordinator. If you have questions about your academic standing, please feel free to call an Academic Success Coordinator at 617-333-2279 any time over winter break.

Is my financial aid impacted by my academic standing?

Your financial aid will not be impacted by your fall grades and GPA if you are a first-year student. Students who are on academic probation at the end of the spring semester will lose their financial eligibility. If you have any grants or scholarships that require a specific GPA, you will need to earn that GPA in the spring. If you have questions about what grades you need to earn to keep your financial aid after the spring semester, contact Student Financial Services at 617-333-2354.

May I make changes to my course schedule over the winter break?

Web registration will reopen on Tuesday, January 14, 2020, which gives you the ability to make changes to your schedule online. Prior to January 15 you can make changes to your schedule by following these directions:

  • Check the open course listing to be sure that the course you are interested in registering for is still open, keeping in mind that one slot may be saved for a continuing education student, and also that you have completed all necessary pre-requisite or co-requisite courses prior to submitting the course information.
  • Send an email to; this email MUST include your ID number, the CRN, and the name of the course that you would like to drop or add.
  • Unfortunately, if this information is not complete we will need to return the email to you to complete the necessary information.

Once this information has been reviewed you will be sent an email to confirm the change(s) to your schedule.