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Curry College Students Abroad in Italy at the Colosseum

Experience a 2- or 3-week class abroad!

Short-term Faculty Led Travel Courses - January, 2020:

Location #1:
  Nottingham, England
Course:  “Children at the Center in Nottingham”
Faculty:  Dr. Pebble Brooks
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Location #2:  Switzerland
Course:  “The Management of International Business”
Faculty:  Dr. Tony Fabrizio
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Short-term Faculty-Led Travel Courses - March, 2020:

Course Option 1:  “History of Mathematics Inquiry”
Faculty for Option 1:  Dr. Tracy Wang
Course Option 2:  “Introduction to Buddhism”
Faculty for Option 2:  Dr. Rob Smid
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Location:  Cuba
Course:  “Global Health in Cuba”
Faculty:  Dr. Melissa Weinstein
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