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Alumnus hold up his cell phone to represent the Software Development degree at Curry CollegeCreate the next app we can’t live without, keep the world’s top companies running, or head to graduate school.

At Curry, our Software Development degree program can take you anywhere you want to go – from Silicon Valley to Boston, to your very own startup. Rather than focusing on just one specialty, you’ll gain integrated knowledge and marketable skills that let you develop your own career path.

A Software Development degree from Curry will prepare you to succeed in dozens of careers, including:

  • App Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Programmer
  • Software Architect
  • Software Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Game Developer

Course Requirements and Information

The Bachelor of Science degree in Software Development is designed to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the process of computer programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing. The student will learn the intricacies of creating applications for mobile platforms and cloud platforms as well as traditional “server-side” and “client-side” programming with an emphasis on human-computer interaction.

Courses also focus on developing an awareness of the ethical and legal issues surrounding the security of applications and mobile devices. Today, every company needs professionals with knowledge of application development and Information Technology in general. There is currently a shortage of trained application developers and the demand is large and growing.


IT 1010 Introduction to Information Technology 3
IT 1100 Foundations of Hardware 3
IT 2100 Programming Logic 3
IT 2789 Structured Programming 4


IT 2210 Networking 4
IT 2300 Operating Systems 4
IT 3450 Internship and Seminar 3
IT 3500 Object-Oriented Programming 4
IT 3550 Data Structures and Algorithms I 3
IT 3560 Data Structures and Algorithms II 3
IT 3570 Software Engineering 3
IT 3720 Modern Application Development 3
IT 3730 Writing Secure Applications 3
IT 3740 Cloud Computing 3
IT 3750 User Experience Design 3
IT 3805 Technology Seminar 3
IT 3900 Senior Seminar: This is IT! 3

Related Requirements:

AC 1000 Navigating Your Digital World 3
AC 2020 Database Concepts 3
AC 2768 HTML and Design 3
EXP 2350 Internship Preparation 1

The Software Development major will demonstrate proficiency in all elements of software development and implementation and work effectively in both team and individual environments.

  1. Analyze, design, and implement software solutions to problems
  2. Communicate effectively with a range of technical and non-technical audiences, including internal and external stakeholders
  3. Research new concepts in the field of software development
  4. Design and implement software systems that meet specified design, performance, and customer requirements
  5. Analyze the impact of software on individuals, organizations, and societies
  6. Articulate professional, ethical, legal, and social issues and responsibilities of software development
Software Development majors Acursia Carbo, Alex Antoine, Cam Gibbons, Justin Sowden, and Marcel Mensah were joined by Curry alumni Matthew Gallagher '18, Keith Fitts '17, and Sara Morley '17 and Curry Professor Ron Krawitz at Visual Studio Live.

Networking with Tech Giants

Curry College Software Development students, alumni, and faculty regularly participate and network at Visual Studio Live, an international software development, user experience, and virtual reality conference.

Read about the 2018 Conference Experience

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