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Earn Your Bachelor's and Your MBA in Just 5 Years!

Brooke Matthews, MBA ‘18Our 5th Year MBA Program provides you with your Master of Business Administration (MBA) just one year after you receive your Bachelor’s Degree.

Curry MBA students are part of a cohort that’s run like a business. Together, the students learn the major theories and concepts of business administration, and many form lifelong networking connections.

Curry students in ANY MAJOR can apply to the 5th Year MBA Program. Through this program, they accelerate their MBA studies by enrolling in courses during summer terms and during the senior year of their undergraduate program. MBA courses offered during the summer term will be fully online. MBA courses during the fall and spring semesters are in a hybrid format – a combination of traditional classroom and online. Students can work in Year 5 while completing the 5th Year MBA Program.

Reap the Benefits

An MBA can open doors and give you a real edge in your career. There are many reasons to choose Curry’s MBA Program. Here are just a few:

  • Capstone Consulting Experience – The Capstone truly sets our MBA apart from other programs. You’ll consult with a real client and work together with your classmates to solve real business challenges, ultimately presenting your strategy to the client at Capstone Night. Capstone clients who have put Curry MBA students’ ideas into action include Reebok, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Newport Polo Club, Hasbro, and many others.
  • IACBE Accreditation – Curry’s Business Department is accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).
  • Exciting Courses – You’ll take courses in International Business, Strategic Marketing, Business Law and Corporate Governance, and many more.
  • 20 Percent Tuition Discount – Curry students enjoy significant savings over a traditional graduate MBA program.


Our alumni are researchers, marketers, and leaders at some of the country’s top companies, spanning financial, healthcare, manufacturing, fashion, and many other industries. They are leading teams at:

  • 3M
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • Biogen
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • CVS Health
  • Dunkin’ Brands
  • Hasbro
  • Massachusetts Court System
  • Ocean Spray
  • Putnam Investments
  • Reebok
  • State Street Corporation
  • And many more!

Deadline for college juniors to apply to the program is April 25! - Request More Information

Undergraduate students must complete the following courses by the spring semester of their junior year at the College to qualify for the program:

  • MATH 1150: Statistics
  • BUS 1610: Macroeconomics OR BUS 1611: Microeconomics
  • ACNT 1010: Financial Accounting

Summer Following Junior Year:
MBA 6000: Human Resources Management for Competitive Advantage
MBA 6010: Business Law and Corporate Governance

Senior Year - Fall Semester:
Undergraduate Courses Needed to Complete the Bachelor's Degree Program
MBA 6400: Management of Information and Technology
MBA 6300: Strategic Managerial Economics

Senior Year - Spring Semester:
Undergraduate Courses Needed to Complete the Bachelor's Degree Program
MBA 6200: Managerial Accounting
MBA 6210: Strategic Financial Management

Summer Following Senior Year:
MBA 6320: International Business
MBA 6410: Strategic Marketing

Fall Following Senior Year:
MBA 6510: Supply Chain Management and Operations Analysis
MBA 6500: Strategic Process and Planning

Spring Following Senior Year:
MBA 7600: Strategic Consulting Project: Capstone Foundation
MBA 7610: Strategic Consulting Project: Capstone Recommendations

Eligibility and Invitation Process for Prospective Curry Students

Incoming undergraduate students that have earned at least a 3.0 high school grade point average will receive a formal invitation to participate in the 5th Year MBA program. Students that accept the College's invitation to participate in the 5th Year MBA program will formally apply for the program during their junior year of study. Prior to submitting a formal application to the program, advisors will meet with students to assist them in selecting appropriate courses to fulfill prerequisites and to prepare for their timely entry into the 5 th Year MBA program. Students will also be invited to attend on-campus events including guest speakers and MBA capstone presentations.

Prospective students with questions regarding the program may contact the Admissions Office.

Eligibility and Application Process for Curry Students in their Junior Year

Students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (or better) in order to begin taking MBA courses in the summer immediately following their junior year. Students earn the bachelor's degree at the end of their senior year and complete their MBA the following spring semester.

For students that did not express interest prior to enrolling at the College, please request additional information about the program by emailing the MBA Director at

All students, whether they were invited to the program upon enrolling at Curry, or have expressed interest during their freshman or sophomore year must officially apply to participate in the program.

Students must submit the following:

The priority application deadline for the 5th Year MBA program is March 15 of a student's junior year of study.   Current students with questions regarding the 5th Year MBA program can contact Professor Steven Gunning, MBA Director, at  

Save on Tuition...

Students participating in the 5th Year MBA program benefit from taking graduate level courses while they are undergraduate students and save nearly $9,900 in tuition costs* by participating in this accelerated MBA program rather than taking the standard MBA after graduating with a bachelor's degree.

During the summer semester following their junior year, students will pay for 6 credits of MBA courses at the MBA tuition rate.

  • Students will qualify for a 20% alumni tuition discount even though they are not yet alumni!
  • No undergraduate institutional merit or need based-aid is available for summer courses
  • Typically, students do not have eligibility to qualify for federal Stafford loans as they have utilized these funds during the academic year.
  • Families could be eligible for additional Parent PLUS loan funding or could obtain private loans to assist in financing the tuition expense associated with these summer courses.

During the fall and spring semester of their senior year, students will take 6 credits of MBA courses during each semester at no additional charge to their undergraduate tuition cost. These credits are built into the degree map to be 6 of the students 18 credits (full-time tuition is between 12 and 18 credits).

  • If a student enrolls in more than 18 credits, the College's standard per-credit billing rates policies would apply for each credit beyond 18 at the undergraduate per-credit tuition rate.
  • Financial aid is awarded to students based on their undergraduate enrollment status only.

After a student graduates at the end of the spring semester during their senior year, they would begin to be charged at the MBA tuition rate.

  • Students will qualify for a 20% alumni tuition discount saving them an additional $3,960 in tuition*.
  • For the summer following senior year, and subsequent semesters, students may be eligible for graduate student loans.

The total savings through the 5th Year Program is $13,860, nearly a 50% tuition savings for the graduate degree*.  

*Savings is based on the 2021-2022 tuition per credit rate for the MBA program.

Mathieu Gokas

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Zoltan Eross ’20, collaborates on a project in the 5th Year MBA Program

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For Zoltan Eross, the decision to continue graduate school at Curry in the 5th Year MBA Program was a “win-win-win” decision. Getting a Master of Business Administration degree meant he would expand his job prospects, advance his collegiate ice hockey career, and gain new training from his favorite faculty mentors.

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