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Student in the film concentration at Curry College uses the Red Camera

Curry's film concentration will prepare you for careers in this vast and expanding field. Film is growing as an industry in the Boston area and beyond. You will study of film and the film industry through a wide range of courses in film history, film aesthetics and appreciation, film production, independent studies, and internships.

Students interested in film will also learn hands-on film and video production from professional filmmakers. Students can study RED Camera Film Production, DSLR and 4K  HD video, Film Directing, Documentary and Digital Movie making, The Business of Hollywood, Screenwriting for Film and Television, Acting for the Camera, and more. Independent Studios allow students to work on their own projects and courses, and internships in Los Angeles are also popular options for many Curry film students.

Course Requirements and Information

Required (9 credits):

COM 2492 Introduction to Film: The History of Film 3
COM 2493 Introduction to Film: Art and Form 3
COM 2498 Film Criticism 3

Choose  two of the following (6 credits):

COM 2220 Screenwriting for Film and Television 3
COM 2700 The Business of Hollywood 3
COM 2760 Video Field Production 3
COM 2761 Digital Video Editing 3
COM 2780 Digital Documentary and Moviemaking 3

Choose one of the following (3 credits):

COM 3650 Media, Culture and Society 3
COM 3760 RED Camera Film Production 3
COM 3805 Film Topics 3

Choose one of the following (3 credits):

COM 3450 Internship in Film Production or Film Studies 3
COM 4050 Independent Studio 3
COM 4100 Independent Reading 3

Total: 21 Credits

All Communication majors must declare a concentration by the time they reach the end of their third semester (must have earned a minimum of 40 credits). A student who has an interest and/or career goals in a specific area of communication may pursue a concentration in that area. Suggested course groupings for each specific concentration are listed in their respective areas. Students may use appropriate courses, among the nine courses required for the major, to meet the requirements for a specific concentration.

Students who have a career interest in an area not included in our concentrations may choose to pursue an Individually Initiated Concentration, and will work with a faculty advisor to craft the necessary selection of courses.

Concentration Areas with Advisors:

Communication Studies - COM Faculty

Corporate Communication - Professor Sinnott

Film - Professor Ritch

Multimedia Sports Journalism - Professor Lemberg

Public Relations - Professor Whitten

Radio/Audio Production - Professor Frank

Television/Digital Video - Professor Gibbs

Theatre - Professor Holbrook

Video Game Studies - Professor MacDougall

Explore Related Programs:

A Curry College student interns at the TD Garden for the Boston Celtics


The Internship Program at Curry College offers students the opportunity to explore a variety of career paths by learning about their interests, skills, strengths, and values while acquiring course credits.

WMLN, Curry College radio station mic and equipment

WMLN Radio

WMLN is completely student-run, under the supervision of Director of Radio, Professor Alan Frank. Students can get involved in a variety of positions from day one on campus - and even host their own shows!

Curry College students run the CC8 TV studio


CC8 is Curry College's television station, housed in our state-of-the-art Hirsh Communication Center on campus. Students can work in a variety of positions at CC8 through our TV Practicum course.

A Currier Times article screenshot

The Currier Times

The Currier Times is Curry College's student-produced digital news publication. Students have the opportunity to blog, cover breaking campus news, write features, and produce photo slideshows, podcasts, and videos.

Curry College PRSA student poses for a photo


The purpose of the Curry College Public Relations Student Association is to increase the knowledge of the public relations profession and to provide students with opportunities and skills for the future.

A Curry College Honors program student sparks conversation in the classroom

Semester Away

Not only do Curry students have endless internship opportunities in the Boston market, but we also offer study away programs in D.C., L.A., and N.Y.C.

The Curry College COM Scholars and professors pose for a photo at an event

COM Scholars

COM Scholars is a select group of students who want to get a jump start on internships in the Communication field, enjoy special connections with industry leaders, and more!

A Curry College faculty member poses with a new member of the COM Honor Society

COM Honor Society

Lambda Pi Eta is a highly selective international honors society for students who have declared an interest in the field of communication and who have achieved a high level of academic excellence.

A Curry College Study Abroad student pets an elephant in Thailand

Study Abroad

Along with institutional partnerships, you can create your own Study Abroad opportunity, or go global with our own faculty members as part of our Short-term, Faculty-led Courses.

Curry College students laughing in science lab

First-Year Experience

Making the transition to college can be a little confusing and lot of fun. Your First-Year Experience at Curry College helps smooth out the bumps and puts you on the path to success.

A Curry College Honors program student sparks conversation in the classroom

Honors Program

Building on the theme of "culture and identity," the Curry College Honors Program prepares students to be "leaders in the profession and in the community."

A Curry College faculty member interacts with students in the classroom

Gen Ed

At the heart of Curry College's undergraduate curriculum is our General Education (Gen Ed) Program. Gen Ed is based on our belief in the power and potential of the liberal arts.

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