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Meet Greg Estes
Class of 2019, Criminal Justice

Meet Greg Estes (Criminal Justice), Class of 2019





On the first day of the welcome weekend, I was brought up on stage and the presenter, he asked me, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ And I say, ‘Oh, I want to be president of the United States.’ Everybody starts laughing, and I was like, ‘You know what? Hey, anything could happen.’


Everybody always gives me a hard time because I say I studied abroad, but in reality, I studied in Hawaii. Every single day was a truly awesome adventure.


My dad had served in the military and he was stationed in Hawaii for four years. Unfortunately, he passed away my freshman year. He kept a journal while he was in Hawaii and I have a lot of pictures and a lot of information. And I did a lot of the things that he did. And I actually, I took a picture in the exact same spot that he had taken a picture in 1991. When I was able to line up the shot, I took the picture and I looked. And I had a very similar hat on and a very similar shirt and I teared up a little bit afterwards. It was awesome.


I have an internship coming up with the Hyde Park division of the Boston Police Department. I’m currently actually being investigated by a Boston Police Department detective, which is very exciting. He is currently doing my background check to make sure that I can successfully take part in my internship.


So far, everything seems incredibly interesting. It’s going to be working with the youth officers. I’d definitely say that it’s those real-world experiences that really matter.  It’s things like that that really kind of help ingratiate yourself within the system, within the society that surrounds policing.


I really want to go into federal law enforcement. There’s so many different routes that I could take, and honestly, I think that’s one of the things about Curry is that it’s given me all these ideas. It’s given me the confidence that I can do all these things. Not one professor has ever given me an inkling of doubt that I could be successful.

Greg Estes has always known that he wants to work in the Criminal Justice system. “I come from a family of police officers. My uncle is a state police officer, and my grandfather was a police officer in Wellesley in the 1970s. I really want to be able to help people and serve my community,” Greg explained.

When he was still evaluating colleges, Greg attended one of Curry’s Open Houses. “I met one of my favorite professors and I got a chance to see what a real Criminal Justice class at Curry would be like. I loved it; I honestly had a great time.”

Now a senior, Greg praises Curry professors with real-world experience for helping him understand how the Criminal Justice system works so can refine his interests, which are now focused on federal law enforcement. “Through classes that cover topics like Homeland Security and Latin American politics, I’ve really enjoyed learning about other cultures and homeland defense.”

In the spring of 2019, Greg is interning with the Boston Police Department’s Hyde Park division (E-18), working with a variety of different areas within the department. He started with the community policing office and is also working alongside detectives to learn directly from people throughout the Criminal Justice system.

Greg wasn’t always self-assured. “When I was a first-year student, I was nervous. I didn’t know anyone. Luckily, I had an awesome RA and connected with a group of students who wanted to get involved. Curry has really helped me grow.”

The best thing for a first-year student, Greg emphasizes, is to be involved on campus. For his part, Greg has served as Class President for all of his four years at Curry and also served as an RA for two years and worked in the student center his senior year. “In Student Government, we work cohesively as a team. Both my experience as Class President and as an RA has also made me a better speaker and communicator.”

In the summer of 2018, Greg also participated in Curry’s Study Abroad Program, traveling to Hawaii to complete a summer class. “My dad served in the military and was stationed in Hawaii for four years. Unfortunately, he passed away during my first year at Curry. It was important to me to visit the places where he spent time and experience some of the things he experienced. I saw where he lived, and I had my picture taken in the exact same spot where he was photographed. The experience was magnificent, like a dream, and it would not have been possible without the encouragement and support of the people in Curry’s Study Abroad office.”

When asked what he likes best about Curry, Greg says it’s the people he’s met. “I don’t think I could have gone somewhere else and developed the same relationships as I have at Curry, with professors, faculty, staff, and my classmates and friends. I love that I’m a part of a tight-knit community and that I’m not just a number, I’m a person.”

So, what’s next for Greg?

“I’m ready to go out and strive for greatness. Curry has really laid the groundwork for that. Not one professor has ever given me an inkling of doubt that I will be successful.”