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Gladys Flores

An aspiring police officer, criminal justice major Gladys Flores ’22 selected Curry College for its small class sizes and warm, genuine community.

“I came from a small high school in Boston where the class sizes were not big, and I wanted to go to a school that was smaller in size, but one that values each student and helps them achieve their goals. I needed to grow in an environment that genuinely cares and inspires students to push themselves, and I saw that in Curry.”

At first, Gladys was met with some academic obstacles in the transition to college, but she never shied away from the challenge, and she credits the Curry community for her success.

“My experiences at Curry have been transformative. Throughout my time, I have been challenged academically, and through every obstacle, it has taught me new things about myself and what I can do,” she says. “I now know that I am capable of so much more than I thought because of the support and encouragement of Curry’s tight-knit community.”

By building relationships with new friends, her academic advisor, and faculty in each of her classes, Gladys says she’s gained a new self-awareness and discipline that will power her personal and professional success in life.

“My advisor and professor, Professor Balboni, is my absolute favorite person here at Curry because she was one of the people who encouraged me to try new opportunities that allowed me to learn and grow,” she says. “The conversations I have had with others here, and the teachings in the classrooms, I just know that it all has contributed in preparing me not for my future career but for life.”

Outside her time in class, Gladys holds leadership roles on campus with the Criminal Justice Student Organization and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Student Board Advisory. After graduating from Curry, she plans to pursue a career in criminal justice. “I’m on my way to my dream of becoming a police officer, a goal I’ve held since I was a child. With my education at Curry, I am confident that promise will come true.”