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Ardani Mello-Daigneault

When Ardani Mello-Daigneault was considering schools, he knew he wanted to stay close to home in Brookline. But he selected Curry for more than its proximity. The College offered a small close community, a stellar education program, and with PAL, a unique team of people and tools to support students with learning disabilities.

“The PAL faculty are so much more to us students than a professor or teacher. They are our advisors and mentors, and I know that I can go to them for anything related to school or otherwise.”

In his time at Curry, the aspiring educator says he’s gained new skills in self-advocacy. “Now I’m the first person in the class to respond to the teacher or ask for an extra credit assignment. I’ve learned how to ask and get the right tools and things that I need to be successful.”

Mello-Daigneault hopes to join his two passions to work with kids and sports by majoring in community education and minoring in sports and recreation management. The aspiring teacher plays and coaches a youth hockey program. “I’ve always liked being with kids, and my time as a coach opened my eyes to teaching,” he says. “I thought combining the two fields would be a great opportunity, and I know it will only add to my career as an educator. I’ll know that much more on how to engage kids in class or on the ice.”

When he’s not in class, the hockey fanatic enjoys cheering on the Colonels at the Canton Ice House and showing new students and families around campus as an admission tour guide. He’s also working this summer in Boston as a guide for the Swan Boats.

“I say this a lot when I tour with families because it’s true and unique to the Curry community. All of the professors at Curry see students as an individual and a person that they care for academically and personally.”