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Taylor Nault '25

At Curry College, Taylor Nault has found her people.

Yearning for a close-knit and safe environment for her college journey, Nault immediately fell in love with the Milton Campus and its inclusive community. But for the junior Early Childhood Education major, college is what you make of it, and to Nault, that means getting involved, and paying it forward.

“In order to have a fulfilling college experience, it’s so important to be open-minded,” said Nault. “Getting involved in different clubs and organizations has really taught me how I can be a leader and a role model to others.”

Nault’s involvement on campus stretches far and wide as a dedicated member of the Student Government Association, LEAD Committee, the Curry Cares Club, the Equestrian Club, an Orientation Leader, and more. She also benefits from fundamental support from the Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL), and is a proud Dwarfism Awareness Activist.

“The Curry community is really important to me as a person who struggles with a disability,” she said. “I have been so successful here with all the academic and peer support I've been given.”

Inspired by a life-changing relationship with one of her medical doctors, Nault decided to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education to pay it forward, and to make a lasting impression on children in the classroom. “I want to help change children’s lives,” she said. “I truly believe that if you can make a difference to children at a young age, they're going to be more successful in their careers.”

Nault is well on her way to making a positive impact on young minds as a preschool teacher at the Gilson JCC Early Learning Center. As a key part of the Curry Early Childhood Education curriculum, this field experience has provided her with the opportunity to implement child-appropriate learning activities and lesson plans while fostering a supportive learning environment.

“With one-on-one support from my professors who understand how to properly accommodate my learning needs, I feel that I’m set up for success,” she said. “My Curry professors have made a significant impact on my life, and I hope to do the same with my future students.”