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Student presents research at the Smartboard representing the Politics and History Major and Minor at Curry College

PLEASE NOTE: Beginning in Fall 2021, applications will no longer be accepted for the Politics & History major and minor. As an alternative option, feel free to explore our Law and Society minor or browse our full list of undergraduate academic programs.

Don’t want to choose between Politics and History? At Curry, you have the unique advantage of an integrated major where your study of history is integrated with analyzing the politics of the present. The P&H Major at Curry combines the study of Political Science and History where students study institutions, policies, peoples and cultures.

Our study of the historical past and contemporary world prepares you for careers to make a difference today and tomorrow. Your study of our contemporary world allows you to chart your own path to your future.

Study ideas and ideologies. Practice civic responsibility within Curry and the broader community. Experience, appreciate and shape the cultural diversity of our campus and our world. Become informed, become engaged. Contribute to the world through service and leadership.

Courses you’ll love

African-American Cultures
Contemporary US History
International Relations
Contemporary European History
Brazilian and Mexican Politics

Travel the Globe

Recently Curry students experienced the history and culture of Cuba and of Mexico with Dr. Grant Burrier, and of France with Professor Larry Hartenian. We invite you to expand your world and your worldview, together with Curry faculty and our amazing Study Abroad programs, traveling to and studying in a list of destinations that grows each year.

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Course Requirements and Information

The Path to Your Dream Career

Capstone Experience – All P&H seniors complete a capstone project, where they conduct extensive research on a topic they’re passionate about. This project becomes a highlight of their student portfolio – the body of work they will share with employers and graduate schools as they pursue their dreams.

Just a few of the many career options include:

  • Attorney
  • Campaign Manager
  • City Manager
  • Consumer Advocate
  • Journalist
  • Legal Assistant
  • Lobbyist
  • Mediator
  • Political Consultant
  • Politician
  • Press Officer
  • Public Policy Manager
  • Translator
  • Trust Administrator

Our Alumni in the Field

Our students and alumni are leading the way at:

  • Major Media Outlets
  • Massachusetts Court System
  • Massachusetts Governor’s Office
  • National Park Service
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Numerous State and Local Government Agencies
  • Offices of U.S. Senators and State Representatives
  • U.S. Department of Labor
  • U.S. Peace Corps


(These should be completed by the end of the sophomore year)
One course from each of the following:

1. P&H 1050 U.S. Politics 3
2. P&H 1060 World Politics 3
3. P&H 1010 U.S. History I in a Global Context 3
P&H 1020 U.S. History II in a Global Context
4. P&H 1030 European History I in a Global Context 3
P&H 1040 European History II in a Global Context
Total Credits: 12


1a. International: 12 credits from this area, including:

Required (3 credits):

P&H 2250 International Relations

Plus any three (9 credits) of the following courses, all at the 2000- or 3000-level:

P&H 2010 Europe: The Age of Revolutions
P&H 2060 Contemporary European History
P&H 2100 Russian History and Contemporary Politics
P&H 2130 German History and Contemporary Politics
P&H 2140 French History and Contemporary Politics
P&H 2141 European Culture and Politics
P&H 2150 Introduction to Latin American Politics
P&H 2250 International Relations
P&H 2270 Environment and Social Movements
P&H 2440 Gender Inequality: Women, Power, and Politics
P&H 2700 Brazilian and Mexican Politics
P&H 3003 Latin American Politics &
Culture Study Abroad
P&H 3010 Cuban Politics and Culture

1b. United States: 12 credits from this area, including:


P&H 2320 Contemporary U.S. History 3

Plus any three of the following courses, all at the 2000- or 3000-level (12 credits):

P&H 2292 Social History of Women
P&H 2300 The Making of Modern U.S.: 1890-1945
P&H 2305 The Stories We Tell: U.S. History as Biography
P&H 2310 American Constitutional Law
P&H 2330 Africans in the United States
P&H 2350 The U.S. Presidency
P&H 2360 The U.S. Congress
P&H 2370 U.S. Political Parties
P&H 2380 U.S. Immigration History
P&H 2400 The Politics of Deception
P&H 2420 Gay Politics in the United States
P&H 2450 Introduction to African-American Cultures
P&H 2492 African-American Cinema
P&H 2500 State & Local Politics
P&H 2520 U.S. Culture
P&H 2600 History of U.S. Foreign Relations
P&H 3350 Electing the President
P&H 3380 Public Policy in the United States

2. Research Methods Required:

P&H 3700 Seminar: Research Methods and Strategies
in History and Political Science

3. Capstone course: one of the following:*

P&H 3600 Europe Since the End of the Cold War
P&H 3650 The American Dream
Total Credits: 30

Requirements in related areas:

12 credits from among the following:

All BLKS courses at 2000-level or above that are not cross listed as P&H
All AH courses at 2000-level or above
All ENG Literature courses at 2000-level or above
All PRS courses at 2000-level or above
All SOC courses at 2000-level or above
All WGS courses at 2000-level or above that are not cross listed as P&H

BIOL 3210 Advanced Environmental Science
BUS 1610 Economics: Macro
BUS 2250 Business Law
BUS 3930 Management of International Business
COM 2120 Rhetorical Criticism
COM 2400 Dramatic Literature
COM 2492 Introduction to Film:
The History of Film
COM 2493 Introduction to Film:
Art and Form
COM 2790 Principles of Public Relations
COM 2800 Publicity Techniques
COM 2900 Multimedia Journalism
COM 3050 Crisis Communications
COM 3100 Argumentation and Debate
COM 3545 Modern Drama
COM 3506 Media, Law, and Ethics
COM 3650 Media, Culture, and Society
CJ 2120 Restorative Justice:
Community and Incarceration
CJ 2170 Population, Immigration, and Crime
CJ 2190 Transnational Crime and Corruption
CJ 2301 Juvenile Justice
CJ 2350 Human Diversity in Criminal Justice
CJ 2402 Domestic Violence
CJ 2500 Cyber Crime and the Terrorist Threat
CJ 2697 Terrorism and Homeland Defense
CJ 3205 Law and Society
CJ 3300 Justice and Human Rights Advocacy
CJ 3404 Sociology of Violence
CJ 3500 Comparative Justice Systems
CJ 3640 Deviance and Social Control
CJ 3670 Hate Crimes and Hate Groups
DANC 2300 World Dance History
HW 2000 Foundations of Community Health
HW 2200 Social Determinants of Health
HW 2500 Global Public Health
HW 3050 Race, Class, Gender and Health
MATH 2200 History of Mathematical Inquiry
MIS 2020 Business Intelligence Web and
Social Media Analytics
MUS 2000 Western Classical Music
MUS 2100 Traditions of Sacred Sound
MUS 2450 American Music
MUS 2550 Music of the World
NSG 3470 Health Policy & Finance
PRS 2150 Eastern Religion and Philosophy
PRS 2400 Ethics of War and Peace
PRS 2450 Religion and Politics
PRS 2470 Social and Political Philosophy
PRS 2520 Western Religion
PRS 2900 Contemporary Theological Issues
PSY 2250 Family Life
PSY 2310 Psychology of Criminal Behavior
PSY 2400 Human Development
PSY 2450 Human Sexuality
PSY 2800 Social Psychology
PSY 3130 Brain and Behavior
PSY 3220 Attitude Change and Social Influence
PSY 3260 Psychology of Violence & Terror
SA 3950 Design Concepts
SOC/CJ 2160 Urban Life: Culture and Change
SOC/WGS 2760 Wealth, Poverty, and Social Class

In addition to the courses listed above, other courses at the 2000- and/or 3000-level may be taken as related courses, provided that written approval from a full-time P&H faculty member has been obtained beforehand.

P&H Majors are also required to complete an ePortfolio which includes assignments and/or activities from all of their P&H courses.

*If a student takes a capstone course prior to their senior year, course will count as a 3000-level course but not as the student's capstone. All P&H majors, however, are required to take the course that will count as their capstone course during their senior year.

Note: In order to qualify for graduation, the major must be completed with a C average.

One course at the 1000-level and four courses at the 2000- or 3000-level; at least one of the courses (minimum of three credits) at the 3000-level. At least two of these courses must be taken at Curry College.

Curry P&H students have interned for the late Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy and for Massachusetts state representatives. They have used their talents in the Massachusetts Governor’s Council and the U.S. and Massachusetts Departments of Labor. They’ve learned law and policy, studied museum curation and education, advocated for residents of women’s shelters, and have found countless ways to further their education.

With Boston just seven miles away, you’re at the center of opportunity at Curry.

Majors are strongly urged to take internships to count toward the major. Internships taken for credit--P&H 2340, 3450 and/or 4560--include an academic component. Prerequisites are successful completion of EXP 2340: Introduction to Experiential Learning with a grade of C, a 3.0 cumulative average in politics and history, and a 2.75 overall cumulative average. For more information, talk to any of the P&H faculty.

The faculty of the Politics and History Department inspire our students to become informed citizens engaged in their community and the world. Our students exhibit openness and curiosity. They appreciate diversity and complexity. Ultimately, Politics and History majors make lifelong contributions through active participation, service, and leadership.

Through course work, experiences within and outside at the College, and participation in departmental activities, Politics and History majors will meet the following outcomes with integrity and honesty:

  1. Consistent with the disciplinary orientations of Political Science and History, identify and articulate the role of ideas, institutions, and actors in context and over time.
  2. Identify and articulate specific elements of cultural diversity, particularly across the issues of class, ethnicity, gender, religion and race.
  3. Identify and articulate the local, international, and global contexts which shape historical understanding and in which politics take place.
  4. Identify credible primary and secondary sources from multiple perspectives appropriate to the disciplines of Political Science and History, and the topics under study.
  5. Communicate, articulate, and defend a thesis/argument (in both written and oral form) in a clear, concise, scholarly manner.
  6. Demonstrate civic responsibility through active engagement within Curry and the broader community.
Curry College students pose for a photo in Cuba during a Study Abroad faculty led trip

Explore the Globe

Along with institutional partnerships in England and France, you can create your own Study Abroad opportunity, or attend a Short-term, Faculty-led Course abroad. These incredible 2- and 3-week excursions take you out of the classroom and to destinations like China, Cuba, Ireland, and Mexico, to name a few.

Global Experiences & Study Abroad

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Curry College Politics and History Club members watch the 2016 Presidential Debate

Politics and History Club

The Politics and History club is bi-partisan and a great way for students to come together to discuss politics and current events. We host debates, speakers and forums, a voter registration drive, and absentee ballots.

A Curry College Study Abroad student pets an elephant in Thailand

Study Abroad

Along with institutional partnerships, you can create your own Study Abroad opportunity, or go global with our own faculty members as part of our Short-term, Faculty-led Courses.

Curry College students laughing in science lab

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A Curry College faculty member interacts with students in the classroom

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