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Mathieu Gokas

As a 5th Year MBA candidate, Mathieu Gokas '21 (business administration), MBA '22 is on his way to earning two degrees in just five years. While an undergraduate at Curry, he narrowed his career interests to marketing, project management and sales. Yet, he says he’s gained much more from his classes than the ins and outs of the business world. 

“My professor from Business Ethics was incredibly inspirational in how he presented himself every day to his students by teaching us that your biggest enemy is yourself from reaching your milestones in life,” he says. “What I have learned about myself at Curry is that your mindset is your biggest asset. If you believe in yourself and where you want to go to reach your goals, it will happen. It’s important to take all of the opportunities in front of you and commit to becoming the person you want to be.” 

Following his graduate work, Mathieu hopes to join a marketing agency to start his professional career. He’s already gained relevant work experience managing search engine optimization and other social media marketing initiatives as a marketing intern with Wayne Alarm Systems. He also served as a legislative intern with the City of Taunton, aiding the Mayor in day-to-day digital and traditional community outreach. 

Wherever the aspiring business leader goes in the future, he’s gained new confidence to take risks and steer out of his comfort zone because of his time at Curry. Mathieu spent his first and second years at the College trying new interests, bonding with friends, and building relationships with faculty. He joined the Men’s Rugby Club, led marketing and events with the Business Student Association, and also works as an employee with the Public Safety team. 

“Curry has a small and vibrant community. Getting involved helped me make friends and connect with others in the same boat or who have similar interests. I learned a lot from other students and have made friends for life. It’s helped me become the best version of myself.”