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Hanna Baranchuk Lecturer

Hanna Baranchuk

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Hanna Baranchuk earned her B.A. and M.S. in Modern Philology from Minsk State Linguistic University (Belarus), her M.A. in Discourse and Argumentation Studies from University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), and her Ph.D. in Public Communication at Georgia State University. Her dissertation was a Lacanian-Burkean study of national identity construction in modern Russia, where she compares the psycho-rhetorical narratives of Vladimir Putin, state-sponsored “anti-fascists,” independent anti-fascists, and neo-fascists in order to explain why on one hand, most Russians are proud of their country’s anti-fascist, multicultural past, but on the other, incidents of ethnic intolerance and extreme nationalism are on the rise. Currently, at Curry College, Hanna is teaching an introductory Communication course, as well as an interdisciplinary course focused on the phenomenon of conspiracy theories.