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Ph.D., Public Policy and Administration,  Walden University  
M.A., Criminal Justice, Boston University  
B.S., Computer Systems, John & Wales University  
A.S., Fisher College  
Dr. Bradley was appointed to the Boston Police Department on June 8, 1988, as a patrol officer. He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 1996, appointed to Deputy Superintendent in March of 2000, and appointed to Sergeant Detective in February of 2005. As Deputy Superintendent, he commanded the Boston Police Emergency Dispatch Center, which is the largest 911 Call Center in the New England Region. He’s a co-founder of the Boston Police Department’s Information System Group (ISG). He also played an integral role in designing and implementing computer technologies to support the Department’s “Same Cop/Same Neighborhood” initiative. As Sergeant Detective, he served as the Registrar of the Boston Police Academy, as well as assigned to the Anti-Corruption Unit and Central Supply Division.

After a 22 year career in law enforcement, Dr. Bradley retired from the Boston Police Department in 2010 to continue his doctoral studies at Walden University. He has an Associate Degree in Business Administration from Fisher College, a Bachelor Degree in Computer Systems from Johnson and Wales University, a Master Degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University, and a Doctoral Degree in Public Policy and Administration, with a concentration in Criminal Justice from Walden University. 
Dr. Bradley has taught various areas in criminal justice, including police and society, deviance in law enforcement, criminal procedures, history of policing in America, police and community relations, bias, class, and gender in law enforcement, research writing, contemporary issues in criminal justice, and criminal law. His dissertation topic studied the effects of criminal justice curriculum on the attitudes of 12th - grade students towards the police.