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Thomas Burke Writing Center Specialist
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Thomas Burke

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Professional Writing Center Specialist (specialties: business communications, PR, sports journalism.)  

"I strive to use words and language wisely and well, and to help others do so. Even in this era of instant, online communication, words are our most powerful weapon and sharpest tool. If we write and speak simply and clearly, we're on the way to success and prosperity. But if we use words poorly or carelessly, we place ourselves and our work at a tremendous and needless disadvantage."

Tom joined the staff of the Writing Center in September 2014.  He has had an extensive career in corporate communications, public relations consulting, freelance writing, and sports journalism.  In the corporate world, his clients have been primarily in the high technology and banking fields. His work in that area has included marketing communications, media relations, executive communications, community relations, and internal communications.  His byline has appeared in many publications including the New York Sunday Times, the Boston Globe, the MetroWest Daily News, and the Hockey News.  Tom's blog is His first book, released in October 2014 and co-authored with Boston College Hall of Fame Member Reid Oslin, is a history of BC Hockey titled Tales from the Boston College Hockey Locker Room. Tom holds a bachelor's degree in English and a master's degree in business administration from Boston College.