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Laura Callis Assistant Professor
Science and Math

Laura Callis

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Doctor of Education, Boston University
Master of Arts, George Washington University
Bachelor of Arts, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Dr. Laura Callis joined Curry College as an assistant professor of mathematics education in 2017. She earned her doctorate at Boston University, where she studied the mathematics courses designed for future elementary teachers. Prior to her doctoral studies, she taught at a Boston public high school and at a college in Nanjing, China, as well as at colleges in the Boston area. She was an elected member of the School Committee for the Town of Winthrop, where she serves on the budget, policy, superintendent negotiation and evaluation subcommittees and chairs the curriculum committee. In 2018-2020, she served as the coordinator for the Faculty Center for Innovation at Curry College. Her research interests include curriculum and instructional practices that support pre-service teachers' development of mathematical knowledge for teaching, and alternatives for college remedial mathematics courses that improve student persistence in higher education.


Callis, Laura Kyser. "Mathematics Content Courses for Preparing Elementary Teachers: Curriculum and Instruction (Doctoral Dissertation)," 2017.  

Callis, Laura Kyser, and Osborn, Daniel. Teachers' Reflections on Education in a Global Age. Journal of Education. Vol 194, Issue 3, pp. 13 - 24. 2017