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Elizabeth Carey Associate Professor, Psychology

Elizabeth Carey

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Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts Ph.D. Clinical Psychology Specialization in Clinical Neuropsychology

Dr. Elizabeth C. Carey is a Professor in the Psychology Department. She received her Ph.D. from Suffolk University in Clinical Psychology with specialization in Neuropsychology. Her training has included Boston Medical Center evaluating trauma related and child psychiatric conditions, Boston VA Medical Center conducting poly trauma evaluation on returning veterans, Lemuel Shattuck Hospital working with patients with AID’s Dementia and a forensic population, Beth Israel Medical Center in Behavioral Neurology assessing head trauma , substance use, seizures and cardiovascular issues. She worked for eight years in a private neuropsychological practice conducting child and adolescent assessments for learning disabilities. She received a Post Doctoral Fellowship at South Country Behavioral Medicine focusing and dementia evaluations in a geriatric population.

Dr. Carey’s dissertation research focused on “The Neuropsychological Significance of Discrepancies between Verbal and Non-Verbal Problem Solving in non-autistic children”. Her current research includes EEG, Executive Function and ADHD in a college population.

Dr. Carey serves as Internship Coordinator for the Psychology Department and works closely in the community to establish service learning opportunities for her students. She serves as the faculty advisor for Psychology Club and has traveled to other countries doing volunteer work. She is also the Coordinator for the Experiential Learning Program that helps prepare students for field work and internships.

Dr. Carey teaches course in the Neurosciences, Health Psychology, Personality, Orientation to the Psychology Major, Introduction to Psychology, Cognitive Issue in an Aging Population, Drugs and Behavior, and Practicum and Internship Seminar.

Recent Research Presentations and Publications:

Steinberg B, Carey E, Modestino EJ, Lubar J, Thanos PK, Baron D, Blum K. Pro-dopamine regulation with KB220Z improves working memory in an adult with ADHD-A case report and replication. Open J Clin Med Case Rep.2019;1512.

Steinberg, B.D., Carey, E.C., DeSerres, C., Harkins, N., and Wildes, J. (2017). Does Effective Connectivity Mediate Neurofeedback Success. Poster Presented at the New England Psychology Meeting, Newton, MA.

Steinberg. B.D., Carey, E.C., Baptista, T., Cumming, K., Newman, J., Nicks, R., and Pawlak, N., (2016). LORETZ Z Score Neurofeedback with Two Adults with ADHD. Poster Presented at the New England Psychology Association Meeting, Worcester, MA.

Steinberg, B.D., Carey, E.C, Nicks, R.D. and Reed, M. (2015) EEG, Executive Function and ADHD-An Exploratory Study. Poster Presented at the New England Psychology Association Meeting, Fitchburg, MA.