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Shavi Cooray Professor, Management
Business Management

Shavindrie Cooray

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Shavindrie Cooray is a Professor in Management Information Systems. Dr. Cooray has presented at international conferences and published her research in many areas of business analytics such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, data mining in social networks and user-driven information systems development. Her research was published in journals such as The Information Society, Journal of Computer Information Systems, Communications of the Association of Information Systems, Systems Research and Behavioral Science, Systemic Practice and Action Research, and others.  Her current research focuses on the design and management of machine learning models.

Dr. Cooray holds a Ph.D. in MIS and an MS in Internet Systems Development from the University of Portsmouth, and a BS (Hons) from the Manchester Metropolitan University. Before joining Curry, she worked as a Lecturer at Boston University and the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and as a Systems Analyst in the corporate world.