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Alan Grigsby Assistant Professor, Sociology/ Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice and Sociology

Alan Grigsby

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Ph.D., Sociology, University of Cincinnati, 2018 
M.A., Ohio University, 2012

Dr. Alan V. Grigsby is a race scholar and urban sociologist who is an expert on housing segregation, community relations, and urban ethnography. Dr. Grigsby is currently working on a book project about social interactions and community life within Shaker Heights, Ohio—a racially integrated suburb of Cleveland. In this work, he proposes a new framework for understanding how black adults experience integration and diversity within historically anti-black spaces.

Dr. Grigsby’s favorite courses to teach at Curry are the sociology of race & ethnicity and the "Urban Life” course. Students who take Dr. Grigsby’s courses will learn the important and sometimes forgotten history of U.S. racial and ethnic relations. Additionally, students can expect to learn independent research skills and tools for collecting and evaluating evidence. An analytical, critical, and empathetic understanding of diversity and inclusion continue to be among the most marketable skills for sociology majors and non-majors alike.