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Dr. Kiri Gurd received her PhD in Sociology from Boston University and her MSc from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She also completed a Postdoctoral training at the University of South Florida as a Provost Fellow for Global Justice. 

She is driven by the idea of improving organizational and institutional efficacy in the service of human welfare and transformative social change. Her classes are focused on issues of social justice, and she practices a 'liberatory pedagogy' approach in the classroom so that the values and concepts she is teaching about outside the classroom are reflected and practiced inside the classroom.

Her work has focused on the way our (mis)understandings of race and gender, continue to reproduce and reinforce institutional discrimination, namely the relationship between epistemic violence and structural violence.  By highlighting to students how everyday conversations and practices have transformative potential to challenge normative power structures, Dr. Gurd hopes to both empower her students to be active allies and citizens and to create social change.

Specialization in critical race, gender, and postcolonial theory, global studies, qualitative research, and organizational culture.