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Patricia Lally Associate Lecturer

Patricia Lally

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Becoming a Program Supervisor for the PSL Program, Patty Lally is fortunate to collaborate with individuals who are preparing for administrator positions in Education. As the future school leaders for generations of children, their engagement at Curry College ensures they will be equipped to implement innovative practices and engage both educators and students in continuous improvement.

Previously, Patty served as a Superintendent of Schools in Massachusetts. Prior to holding that position, she was the Assistant Superintendent, Principal and Assistant Principal in another Massachusetts district. After retiring from Massachusetts, Patty also became a Superintendent of Schools in a district in New Hampshire.

In her earlier career, Patty held the positions of Humanities Division Leader and English Department Chair as well as Special Education Liaison. Throughout her twenty-one year teaching career in her first school district, Patty taught a variety of subjects at both the high school and middle school levels: French, Spanish, Social Studies, English, Reading, Latin, and Special Education.

Teaching master’s and doctoral level courses at another Massachusetts college, Patty trains aspiring school administrators and teachers, sharing her educational experiences. At both state and national conferences, she has presented on current topics, the latest on the issue of dealing with grief and loss in schools.

Patty received her B.A. from Emmanuel College with a major in French and a concentration in Social Studies, an M.Ed. in Reading from Tufts University, an M.A. in Special Education from Regis College and a Ph.D. in Leadership in Educational Administration from Capella University.