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Ann Papagiotas Associate Lecturer

Ann Papagiotas

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As a Program Supervisor for the PSL Program at Curry College, Ann Papagiotas mentors prospective candidates who are preparing for licensure as an administrator in education. These candidates will be the future leaders in our schools and therefore, must be equipped with the necessary leadership skills for a global society.

Ann is a retired Massachusetts public school administrator who has experience in rural, suburban and urban school settings.
In addition to her administrative positions, Ann has served on many state and national education committees and has also lectured at many state and national conferences focusing on teaching and learning, time and learning and, smaller learning communities. She is published in NASSP Monographs and Prentice Hall's Coaches Clinic.

Prior to, and since, her retirement, Ann is also an adjunct professor at other institutions of higher learning. Her focus at the college level has been on the preparation of future school administrators for licensure and success in diverse educational settings.

Ann received a BA in Zoology and a MST from the University of New Hampshire, an MEd in School Administration from Salem State University and an EdD in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University.