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Nicole Parsons Assistant Professor

Nicole Parsons

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B.S., Suffolk University, Political Science
M.Ed., Salem State University, Special Education
Ed.D., Endicott College, Educational Leadership in Higher Education

Dr. Nicole Parsons's research delves into the unique challenges faced by a hidden population of undergraduate students, shedding light on campus exclusion and stigma. Her work not only identifies these issues but also offers solutions, fostering campus engagement and peer relationships. Nicole's findings also explore how students' backgrounds impact their college experiences, providing valuable insights into program effectiveness. With expertise in neurodiversity, Nicole brings a nuanced understanding of how diverse learning styles intersect with educational environments. As the driving force behind the Program for Advancement of Learning, Nicole is dedicated to empowering nontraditional students in higher education. Established in 1970, this pioneering program has long championed accessibility, diversity, and inclusion efforts. In her role as Co-Director & Admissions Coordinator, Nicole provides strategic leadership, overseeing student recruitment, and supporting faculty excellence to advance the program's mission.