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Nicole Parsons Assistant Professor

Nicole Parsons

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B.S., Suffolk University, Political Science
M.Ed., Salem State University, Special Education
Ed.D., Endicott College, Educational Leadership in Higher Education

Dr. Nicole Parsons received a B.S. from Suffolk University in 2009 with a major in political science. She received a Master's degree in special education from Salem State University in 2012 and a Ed.D in Educational Leadership from Endicott College in 2017.

Nicole's academic research interests include the dual developmental challenges faced by an invisible population of undergraduate students who enter college with significant challenges that are often unmet by the institution. Her findings identify mechanisms of exclusion and stigma on campus, and campus climate, as well as opportunities for campus engagement and developing peer relationships. Nicole’s research also identifies how student’s racial and class backgrounds influence their approach to college life and academic readiness. Her research presents new data on campus climate, program strategy, and the impact of a program offering the closest possible approximation of “the traditional college experience” for a vulnerable population.

In her role as Co-Director & Admissions Coordinator, Nicole provides broad-based leadership, planning, and oversight to advance the academic mission of the Program for Advancement of Learning. This work includes interaction with the other academic and administrative offices of the college, communicating with outside organizations and other learning disabilities (LD) programs to promote the visibility of the Program for Advancement of Learning in the community, supervising the recruitment and acceptance of students into the program, supporting and encouraging faculty growth and high performance in teaching, research and other professional activities.