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Raquel Reynolds Assistant Professor

Raquel Reynolds

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Dr. Raquel Yvonne Lopez Reynolds has been a nurse for 31 years and has practiced in a variety of settings, including acute care, outpatient care, and community care. She is certified as a clinical nurse specialist in public/community health nursing. Raquel has taught at a school of nursing since 2005. She has taught licensed vocational nurses, registered nurses returning for the bachelor’s degree, traditional nursing students, second degree nursing students, and graduate students. Dr. Reynolds developed and implemented a cardiovascular risk reduction program in a manufacturing setting and a breastfeeding education program within a private physician office. Her dissertation research focused on exploring the relationship between work stress and metabolic health outcomes in a large computer technology company in central Texas. Dr. Reynolds has completed a small, pilot study exploring the relationship between work stress and metabolic health outcomes in staff employees at a state university in central Texas, a secondary analysis of the relationship between shift work and health outcomes in nurses, and a study that examined relationship between readability and health literacy levels on adherence to post-exposure prophylaxis in patients who experienced sexual assault. Currently, Dr. Reynolds is partnering with the MGH Yvonne L. Munn Center for Nursing Research to explore the impact of COVID-19 symptoms experienced after hospitalization on the daily lives of Black and Latinx populations in the greater Boston area.