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Ryan Theroux Professor, General Education
General Education

Ryan Theroux

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Ph.D. Higher Education Leadership, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
M.S. College Student Personnel, University of Rhode Island
B.A. Communications, Rhode Island College

Ryan Theroux is a Professor of General Education at Curry College. His teaching and research interests are focused on first-year students and how they experience the college environment and learn the campus culture. Courses he has taught include First Year Seminar, First Year Transitions, First Year Inquiry, Curry Launch, Introduction to Experiential Learning, Career Development, Internship Seminar, and Junior Year Inquiry (General Education Capstone). His first position in higher education was working at a community college in a grant funded program for students with disabilities as a job coach. This opportunity led him to pursue a master’s degree in a student affairs related graduate program and then resulted in his first full-time job as a counselor and coordinator in a Student Support Services TRIO Program. He has also worked as an academic affairs administrator at a public four-year university.  As a first-generation college student with several mentors along the way, “Dr. T” as his students call him, can appreciate the power and magnitude of the college experience and all the individuals that have an impact along the way.

Select Publications:

Theroux, R. & Furukawa, D. (2023). Conceptualizing the campus culture: The significance of cultural artifacts. New York Journal of Student Affairs, 22(1), 1-23.

Theroux, R. (2012). Gateways to campus culture: Exploring the roles of student orientation leaders. The Journal of College Orientation and Transition, 19(2), 41-48. 

DiRamio, D., Theroux, R., & Guarino, A. (2009). Faculty hiring at top-ranked higher education administration programs: An examination using social network analysis. Innovative Higher Education, 34(3), 149-159.

Select Presentations:

Theroux, R. (February, 2023). Fostering Empathy in the First Year Classroom: Supporting Student Wellness. 42nd Annual Conference on the First Year Experience. Los Angeles, CA.

Theroux, R. (October, 2022). From Academic Inquiry to Resident Leader: Designing Curriculum to Support the Living Learning Experience. ACUHO-I Academic Initiatives Conference – Featured Session. New Orleans, LA.

Theroux, R. (October, 2022). Teaching with Empathy: Fostering Student Development and Wellness In the Classroom at a Residential Campus. ACUHO-I Academic Initiatives Conference. New Orleans, LA.

Theroux, R. (February, 2022). Strengthening the Campus Culture: Supporting the Emotional Transition to College. 41st Annual Conference on the First Year Experience. Orlando, FL.

Theroux, R. (October, 2021). Teaching at a Traditional Residential Campus in Nontraditional Times: The Power of Multiple Modalities. ACUHO-I Academic Initiatives Conference. Virtually Held.

Theroux, R. (February, 2020). Facilitating Discussions on Sensitive Mental Health Issues with First Year Students. 39th Annual Conference on the First Year Experience. Washington DC.

Theroux, R. (October, 2019). Facilitating Discussions on Sensitive Social Justice Issues with First Year Students. National Conference on Students in Transition. Orlando, FL.

Theroux, R. (October, 2019). 10 Ways to Facilitate Discussions on Sensitive Issues with First Year Students. ACUHO-I Academic Initiatives Conference. Minneapolis, MN.

Theroux, R. (May, 2019). When the Conversation Gets Quiet – How to Communicate with First Year Students About Sensitive Social Justice Issues. New England College Personnel Association Summit. Kingston, RI.

Theroux, R. (February, 2018). Working Together: Communicating Campus Culture to First-Year Students. National Conference for the First Year Experience and Students in Transition. San Antonio, TX.