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    The student to faculty ratio at Curry

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    Year the Curry PAL Program was established

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    Number of faculty and staff employed at Curry College

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“In high school I couldn’t keep up academically with the so called ‘normal’ kids, so everyone else was lumped in together in the ‘special’ classes, even thought there existed a wide range of learning disabilities. I could never find a happy medium where I could learn at my own pace, until I got to Curry.

Holden Kepecs '85
Emmy Award-winning Editor
Major: Communication

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Adult Center at PAL

The Adult Center at the Program for the Advancement of Learning (ACP/PAL) is an academic support program for college-able adults with learning disabilities (LD), attention deficits (ADHD), and/or Executive Function Disorder (EF). The Adult Center provides a supportive environment for under-graduate and graduate adult students with LD /ADHD/EF who want to understand their learning and achieve educational and vocational goals at Curry College or at other colleges.


  • Offers a combination of one-to-one and small group instruction and support for up to three hours per week
  • Builds on a strength-based philosophy that recognizes and utilizes the individual's gifts and talents
  • Uses transformative learning and metacognitive approaches to help students grow in understanding their learning
  • Takes a whole-person approach, attending to vocational, social, academic, and emotional issues related to LD/ADHD/EF
  • Fosters collaboration and peer support among participants
  • Provides instruction in the use of assistive/personal technologies
  • Provides accommodations for students at Curry College
  • Helps students acquire learning strategies that work for them based on their own profiles of strengths and challenges
  • Assists students in acquiring skills essential for college level learning
  • Assists students with executive function (EF) difficulties such as time management and organization
  • Offers college credit for ACP courses
  • Offers Adult Center courses via Skype for students enrolled in other colleges who cannot commute to the Curry College campus


  • Provide documentation of disability to the Adult Center Program coordinator
  • Have an in-person or telephone interview with the Adult Center Program coordinator
  • Based on registration status in the Adult Center Program in PAL, fees range from $1825 - $3470 per semester

For more information on the range of ACP course offerings, fees, and application procedures, please contact:

Dr. Laura Hubbard
Adult Center Coordinator at PAL


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