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Curry College Students in Italy

The ADA does not apply abroad; however, the underlying philosophy of Curry College is still to support our students with disabilities as much as possible with their needs as if it did apply abroad.

The rights of people with disabilities differ greatly by country. Many countries recognize disability rights but not all. Facilities and/or support services may be limited or not available. Some programs and institutions abroad provide accommodations to make it possible for students with disabilities to have successful study, work, volunteer, or internship experiences abroad.

If you will require disability accommodations, it is important that you request information from the host institution about the process for accommodations before applying to that institution. If your disability raises the likelihood that you will need support services while abroad, be sure to inquire about availability, quality, language, etc. Staff in the Center for Global and Career Services as well as in the Office of Disability Services can assist you in communicating with the institution, if needed.

Disability Resources Abroad

Mobility International USA - Mobility International USA’s mission is to empower people with disabilities around the world to achieve their human rights through international exchange and international development.

Diversity Abroad - The Diversity Abroad community inspires, connects, and assists individuals in reaching their academic and career potential in abroad.

Transitions Abroad - Resources regarding traveling abroad for individuals with disabilities.