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Sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment/assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking, can affect many aspects of victim-survivors' lives.  Curry College can help reduce these effects with interim support measures. These interventions are designed to help victim-survivors continue with their daily work, academic, and social activities as much as possible.  Many of these are available even if a victim-survivor chooses not to make a formal complaint. Please contact the Title IX Coordinator for more information about interim support measures.

The following are examples of routine interim support measures. Curry College encourages victim-survivors to request any other interim support measures that will help them focus on their routine and educations/employment goals.

  • Adjustments to academic assignments and deadlines.
  • Changes to class schedules or enrollment.
  • No contact orders (a formal directive from Curry College that there is to be no contact between particular people. Violations of no-contact orders can, by themselves, constitute a violation of Curry policy).
  • Change of living situation or housing assignment.
  • Adjustments to work schedules or locations.
  • Adjustments to transportation routines.
  • Assistance managing financial aid or other financial commitments.