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Thank You!

We are proud and honored to recognize our generous sponsors for the Presidential Inauguration of Jay Gonzalez. Their support of Curry College is pivotal in making this historic celebration a success.

15th Curry College Presidential Inauguration Sponsors:

McGarr Service Corp. Logo
McGarr Service Corp. $15,000
Brown & Brown Insurance Logo
Brown & Brown Insurance $10,000

Post-Inauguration Reception Sponsor

Huron Consulting Group logo
Huron Consulting Group $10,000
Rockland Trust logo
Rockland Trust $10,000
Beth Israel Deaconess Milton logo
Beth Israel Deaconess Milton $5,000
Colette Phillips Communications, Inc. logo
Colette Phillips Communications,
Inc. $5,000
Dempsey Associates logo
Dempsey Associates $5,000
Hinckley Allen logo
Hinckley Allen $5,000
President Emeritus Kenneth K. Quigley, Jr. Champion Sponsor
President Emeritus Kenneth K. Quigley, Jr. $5,000
Thompson Electric Shop logo
Thompson Electric Shop $5,000
Voya Logo
Voya $5,000
Absolute General Contracting logo
Absolute General Contracting $2,500
Fred C. Church logo
Fred C. Church Insurance $2,500
Sodexo logo
Sodexo $2,500
Collegiate Press logo
Collegiate Press $2,000
Employee Benefit Solutions logo
Employee Benefit Solutions $2,000
C. Thomas & Associates logo
C. Thomas & Associates $1,500
CRF Inc logo
CRF Inc $1,000
Foley & Foley logo
Foley & Foley $1,000
Follett logo
Follett $1,000
HarborOne Bank Logo
HarborOne Bank $1,000
PFM Logo
PFM Financial Advisors LLC $1,000
Professional Flooring Corporation logo
Professional Flooring Corporation $1,000
R.W. Sullivan logo
R.W. Sullivan $1,000
University Health Plans logo
University Health Plans $1,000
VisionPoint Logo
VisionPoint $1,000
All Brands Corp. logo
All Brands Corp. $500
BC Tent logo
BC Tent $500
Hidden Acres Farms sign
Hidden Acres Farms $500
Joseph Warren & Sons Co., Inc. logo
Joseph Warren & Sons Co., Inc. $500
R.A. Pierce Wholesale Bark Mulch, LLC logo
R.A. Pierce Wholesale Bark Mulch, LLC $500
Wilde Companies logo
Wilde Companies $500
U.S. Bedding, Inc. logo
U.S. Bedding, Inc. $500