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Curry College Campus from above

Curry College is fortunate to be well-positioned as a small, private college with strong financial resources. The College has done significant strategic work over the last two decades to build its endowment and financial reserves to a point of over $100 million.  This financial security allows Curry to continue providing students a rich college experience while investing in new academic resources such as our Learning Commons, featuring the state-of-the-art Science and Research Center, that opened in January 2019.  Curry College offers institutional stability at a time when such a consideration is very important.

Our most recent financial statements for fiscal year 2018, reviewed and certified by an independent third-party, showed assets of $243,370,166 net assets of $148,707,440, and cash and investments of $131,223,805. The College posted a surplus of $5,981,827 on revenues of $81,261,235 supported by enrollment revenue and a strong return on investments.

Like almost all small colleges in the northeast, we are mindful of the impact of changing demographics and other trends that affect institutional operating resources at colleges. Fortunately, Curry’s assets and reserves provide us with financial resources that will support the institution now and well into the future.