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Various prominent African-American icons represent the African-American Studies minor at Curry CollegeBlack Studies is the interdisciplinary study and research of Black cultures around the World. This program develops students’ awareness of political and sociological issues related to Black experiences from their historical beginnings to popular culture and beyond. It is hoped that students taking courses in the minor will gain a greater understanding of the experiences and contributions of African peoples around the world, as they fight against intolerance and enrich their environments. Students may obtain a minor in Black Studies in conjunction with a major in any area of study.

Course Requirements and Information

Requirements for the Black Studies Minor:

BLKS/P&H 2450 Introduction to African-American Cultures 3
BLKS 3900 The Black Diaspora: Special Topics 3

Choose three of the following electives: 9 credits

BLKS/P&H 2000 Contemporary Black Worlds
BLKS/ENG 2150 African-American Literature
BLKS/P&H 2330 African-American History
BLKS/P&H 2492 African-American Cinema
BLKS/WRIT 2250 Black Voices Matter: Black Lives,
Rhetorics,and Literacies
BLKS/SOC 3600 Chocolate Cities
BLKS 3450/4100 Internship or Independent Reading
Total Credits: 15

Programmatic Outcomes of the Black Studies Minor:

  1. Examine the multiple constructions of culture and identity in black communities;
  2. Identify the social construction of race and the historical/ political/ sociological/ economic/ cultural causes of inequality and
  3. Articulate ways black inequality intersects with other forms of oppression/s such as gender, sexuality, and class;
  4. Critically examine the different ways Black peoples have been (mis)represented in specific cultural forms;
  5. Examine - through practice and theory - the artistic contributions of the African Diaspora to the world with particular attention to
    origins, historical development, appropriation, and contemporary applications;
  6. Describe the role of black activists and/or black social movements in effecting social change around the world.
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