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Education Club member at the Student Involvement Fair

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"Teach a child, change the world"

The Education Club provides professional development opportunities to students showing interest in the field of education. The Education Club also seeks to involve children and families from neighboring areas in education-related activities.


The Education Club supports students interested in the various education majors by providing workshops and speakers that address the trends and current events impacting the education field. Students and faculty use the Education Club as a vehicle for support, collaboration, and mentoring. The Education Club invites the entire Curry College community to become involved in this professional development. The Education Club seeks to reach out to the greater community through service and volunteer programs.


The Education Club is a non-discriminatory organization. The Education Club is open to all Curry College students, staff, and faculty members. The Education Club is an inclusive community organization inviting participation by all people interested in education or related fields.

For more information or to find out how you can be involved, please contact Education Club advisor, Dr. Joanne Seltzer at

NEW IN 2018 - Curry College Chapter of SEAM

Curry College now boasts a chapter of SEAM, the Student Education Association of Massachusetts.  The Student Education Association of Massachusetts provides future teachers with opportunities for professional development as well as a forum to network with peers, future colleagues and experienced educators. SEAM membership entitles future teachers to all member benefits, legal services, workshops and conferences. SEAM is a committee within The Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) and a State Chapter of the Student National Education Association (NEA).

The 2018 student coordinator of the Curry College Chapter of SEAM is Hannah Lawrence.

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Twitter: @curry_education

Instagram: curry_education