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Students in the Sing! Choir represent the Music minor at Curry CollegeDo you love to make music? Want to advance your current skills, or learn how to play an instrument? Ever dreamed of singing on stage? Then should consider the Music minor at Curry College.

You can declare a minor in music to complement a major in any other area of study. The combination of a music minor with various majors may lead to graduate study and/or careers in such fields as the expressive therapies, arts administration, radio, television and theatre.

Course Requirements and Information

In addition to the requirements listed below, the faculty encourages music minors to elect an inter-area field experience that applies knowledge of music in a field placement appropriate to the student's major. Many students have found this pleasurable and beneficial for further career opportunities.

Choose 6 credits (two courses) from the following Historic/Survey options:

MUS 2000 Western Classical Music
MUS 2050 Sound and Healing
MUS 2100 Sacred Sound
MUS 2370 Jazz
MUS 2430 Music in Film
MUS 2450 American Music
MUS 2550 Music of the World
MUS 2610 Concert Going
MUS 2650 The Musical: Discovering Diversity

Choose 6 credits from the following Participatory/Creative options:

MUS 2300/3300 Private Instruction (Guitar, Piano, Voice, Improvisation, or Percussion)
MUS 2310 Rock Band
MUS 3309/3310/3311 Sing!
MUS 2360 or MUS 4050 Music Theory: Songwriting or Independent Studio in Applied Music

(MUS 2310 and MUS 3309/3310/3311 can be applied twice for a total of 4 credits)

Choose 3 credits:

 FA 1000 Introduction to Fine Arts

or 3 credits of MUS elective(s) at the 2000 level or above)

Total credits: 15

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