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A Curry College student abroad represents the International Studies minorPreparing future citizens for an increasingly interconnected world is part of the Curry College mission. The International Studies minor builds on that mission and the College’s General Education curriculum and supplements any major with the knowledge and skills needed to work in a globalized economy. Students gain an understanding of contemporary issues, events, problems and trends from a global perspective.

The International Studies minor can be completed entirely within students' Gen Ed requirements and the program is also designed to award credit for students that study abroad, demonstrate new language proficiency, or complete an internship or independent research project.

View a full list of qualifying Gen Ed Courses (PDF)

Requirements (9-12 credits):

GEN 2200: Introduction to International Studies 3
Course designated as satisfying Gen Ed
Arts or Humanities Breadth
Course designated as satisfying Gen Ed
Global/International Breadth**
Course designated as satisfying Gen Ed
Integrating Experience*

Additional Courses (3-6 credits from the following):

Course designated as satisfying Gen Ed
Global/International Breadth**
Course designated as satisfying Gen Ed
Arts Breadth
Course designated as satisfying Gen Ed
Humanities Breadth
Course designated as satisfying Gen Ed
Social Science Breadth
Course designated as satisfying Gen Ed
Diversity/Inclusion Breadth
Internationally-themed GEN 1000 3
Total Credits 15

*An integrating experience is essentially a capstone experience for the minor. The following are options for satisfying this requirement:

  • Semester-long study abroad/study away – the experience of immersion in a different culture satisfies this requirement regardless of any coursework associated with the experience. The students do not receive credit for this experience, but as is the case with the Global requirement in Gen Ed, they can apply any appropriate coursework to other minor requirements with approval.
  • A qualifying 3 credit internship
  • A qualifying 3 credit independent research project
  • A qualifying project in Gen Ed Capstone
  • Proficiency in a foreign language

**For the purposes of the minor, Foreign Language courses are not included among the Global courses, but can be included as Humanities courses.

Students minoring in International Studies will:

  • Develop a toolkit for approaching, analyzing, and understanding international issues, events, and realities that includes knowledge of geography, history, and political economy
  • Identify motivations and patterns in action undertaken by individuals, groups, nation states, and non-state actors utilizing knowledge of contemporary and historical political realities, structures, theories, and ideologies
  • Understand the impact of institutions on the contemporary world order
  • Recognize oneself as a global citizen and one’s own community and the communities of others as cultural and historical spaces in which globalization occurs and is contested
  • Become internationally culturally competent through exposure to and study of cultural artifacts

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