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What is the 1098T form?

The 1098T form is used to assist you completing IRS Form 8863 – the form used for calculating if you are eligible for an Education Tax Credit.  It provides you with the amount of qualified tuition and fee charges paid on your student account during the calendar year.

When will IRS Form 1098T be available?

Students can view and print their 1098T by going to the Maximus website. An email is sent to your student email when form is available online each year. Maximus partners with Curry College and they manage the 1098T information release process.

For students who do not choose to electronically receive their IRS Form 1098T, the form will be mailed no later than January 31st to the student's permanent address.

Will Curry College answer tax-related questions?*

Student should refer all tax-related questions to their own tax preparer.  Additional information is available on the Internal Revenue Service website.

How can a student get a duplicate 1098T?

Students can now view their 1098T and print a copy by visiting the Maximus website.

Please visit the IRS website for further information on the American Opportunity credit and Lifetime Learning tax credit.

*Curry College staff cannot give tax advice.  Please consult your tax advisor for assistance.