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Experience Curry from Afar!

Take a student-guided tour of our campus, including the brand new, state-of-the-art Learning Commons and Science and Research Center, the Student Center, a First-Year residence hall, Nursing Simulation Labs, the Hirsh Communication Center featuring the TV Studio, and the Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL) Center! When you get here, you'll enjoy our close-knit, friendly community of caring and committed faculty and staff who support your safety, well-being, and growth.

Curry College Student Center

Student Center

Curry's Student Center  is the official hub of student life on campus - teeming with energy, excitement, and Purple Pride! Learn more about Activities, the Bookstore, Dining options, the Fitness Center, Intramurals, Mail Services and more!

Curry College Learning Commons, featuring the Science and Research Center

The Learning Commons

Check out the state-of-the-art Learning Commons, featuring the Science and Research Center.

North Campus Residence Hall at Curry College

First-Year Residence Hall

Explore North Campus Residence Hall and get an inside look at first-year residence life!

Students perform hands on learning in the Nursing Simulation Labs

Nursing Simulation Labs

Take a quick tour of our School of Nursing simulation labs, where nursing students learn hands-on with real and SIM people of all ages and symptoms!

Students do a newscast in Hirsh Communication Center at Curry College

Hirsh Communication Center (TV Studio)

Curry College's television station (CC8) is housed in our state-of-the-art Hirsh Communication Center on campus. CC8 student-staff produce talk shows, game shows, theatre productions and live-stream athletics and other events on campus.

rogram for Advancement of Learning AT Center at Curry College

PAL Center

Our internationally recognized Program for Advancement of Learning features the PAL Assistive Technology (AT) Center, which offers students in PAL a variety of technology tools that have been shown to benefit students with learning differences. These technologies and services include iPads, dictation and reading software, smartpens, audiobook readers, and more.

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