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Dr. David Fedo

Dr. David Fedo, Hon. '07 served as Dean of Curry College from 1990 until his retirement in 2007, overseeing undergraduate and graduate programs and faculty. During his tenure, he helped initiate several new degrees and programs at the College while also serving as Professor of English.

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Tributes to a Friend and Colleague

Upon the news of Dr. Fedo's passing, tributes came pouring in from friends and former colleagues. A handful of these have been shared below:

"Truly a great man!"

"A true gentleman...the best."

“He is the nicest man you will ever know...he was an incredible mentor, colleague and friend."

"His zest and love for people, insatiable thirst for knowledge and experience of all things from symphony to football, Thomas Wolfe to the New York Post, and any other subject imaginable created an instant bond with anyone he encountered.  His love for Curry did not end when he decided to take a step back and enjoy travel and more time with Susan."

"David Fedo was so kind and considerate...I was honored to know him."

"David, you had a difficult job, and you were appreciated."

"It was truly an honor to work with David. He was, as we say, a real “Mensch,” a gentleman, and a scholar."

"A wonderful and kind man."

"He is missed. The best Dean Curry ever had."

"He was a wonderful person to work for and with, and as a friend. He will surely be missed."

"He truly had Curry pride and will be missed!"

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