• The student : faculty ratio at Curry

    The student : faculty ratio at Curry

  • First-year students who live on campus

    First-year students who live on campus

  • of full-time undergraduates receive financial aid

    of full-time undergraduates receive financial aid

  • Number of faculty and staff employed at Curry College

    Number of faculty and staff employed at Curry College

  • Number of traditional undergraduate students

    Number of traditional undergraduate students


I always tell prospective students that if you are going to be the student who stays in your room on Facebook all day, you will not like it here. Getting involved is a way to success.

Amber Soucy '13
Medical Surgical Telemetry Nurse
St. Luke's Hospital, New Bedford, Massachusetts
Major: Nursing

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Community Health and Wellness Curriculum


The program includes 18 hours of health courses and 15 hours of electives, which are designed to provide the student with the competencies desirable for future employment. Advisors are available.

BIOL 1075 Anatomy & Physiology I 3
BIOL 1085 Anatomy & Physiology II 3
BIOL 1175 Anatomy & Physiology I Lab 1
BIOL 1185 Anatomy & Physiology II Lab 1
CHEM 1001 Chemical Concepts* 3
CHEM 1002 Chemical Concepts Lab* 1
HE 1000 Personal Health 3
MATH 1150 Statistics I 3
*May be taken pass/fail


Students must complete the 18 credits in this major. An additional 15 elective credits must be completed; these will be selected in conjunction with an advisor to prepare the student in his/her area of interest.

HE 1001 Introduction to Community Health & Wellness 3
HE 1001 Community Health Education 3
HE 1001 Health Promotion and Planning 3
HE 1001 Social Determinants 3
HE 1001 Introduction to Epidemiology 3
HE 1001 Senior Seminar in Health & Wellness 3


15 Credits from the following courses
Students can take no more than six (6) credit hours of those electives from one area. For example, a student cannot take all fifteen credit hours from the Biology category. Rather, they may take up to six (6) credits in Biology in order to fulfill this requirement. Classes taken as an elective may not also count toward any minor.

Community Health and Wellness:
HE 1500 Stress Reduction Based on Mindfulness 3
HE 2150 Introduction to Holistic Health 3
HE 2520 Nutrition 3
HE 3020 Current Issues in Health and Wellness 3
HE 3030 Introduction to Public Health 3
HE 3050 Race, Class, and Gender 3

BIOL 2010 Microbiology 3
BIOL 2120 Biology of the Mind 3
BIOL 2215 Environmental Science 3
BIOL 2450 Human Sexuality 3
BIOL 2452 Sex and Gender 3
BIOL 2520 Nutrition 3
BIOL 3210 Advanced Environmental Science 3
BIOL 3520 Nutrition in Health and Disease 3

COM 2020 Intercultural Communication 3
COM 2112 Conflict Management 3
COM 2150 Health Communication 3

Criminal Justice:
CJ 2402 Domestic Violence 3
CJ 3404 Sociology of Violence 3

Physical Education:
PE 2500 Physical Awareness: A Wellness Approach 3

PHIL 2015 Environmental Ethics 3

PSY 2060 Aging and the Life Cycle 3
PSY 2070 Motivation 3
PSY 2100 Adolescent Psychology 3
PSY 2106 Psychology of Women 3
PSY 2115 Men, Self & Society 3
PSY 2125 Substance Abuse Counseling 3
PSY 2200 Behavior Disorders in Children 3
PSY 2220 Death, Dying and Bereavement 3
PSY 2330 Drugs and Behavior 3
PSY 2400 Human Development 3
PSY 2450 Human Sexuality 3
PSY 2500 Behavior Change: Theory and Practice 3
PSY 2800 Social Psychology 3
PSY 3100 Psychology of Learning 3
PSY 3120 Counseling Theory 3
PSY 3130 Brain and Behavior 3
PSY 3350 Health Psychology 3

SOC 2060 Aging and the Life Cycle 3
SOC 2115 Men, Self, & Society 3
SOC 2220 Death, Dying and Bereavement 3
SOC 2310 Intro to Social Work Practice 3
SOC 2402 Domestic Violence 3
SOC 2410 Working with Individuals 3
SOC 2420 Working with Groups 3
SOC 2452 Sex & Gender 3
SOC 2650 Sociology of Health and Health Care 3
SOC 2660 Sociology of Women 3
SOC 3390 Crisis Intervention 3
SOC 3404 Sociology of Violence 3
SOC 3610 Communities 3

Women's and Gender Studies

WGS 2000 Gendered Lives 3

The following policies apply to students in the Community Health & Wellness program:

  1. Must maintain a minimum of 2.75 cumulative overall average or risk dismissal from the program
  2. Students entering the program in junior or senior year are ultimately responsible for ensuring that s/he will be able to graduate in a timely manner.
  3. Students discovered to have been in violation of program academic honesty policies may risk being dismissed from the program.

Meet Abby Pieger '17 - Community Health & Wellness

When you get to college, you hear from your friends, family, and professors that the best thing to do is get involved. Getting an on-campus job, becoming an orientation leader and a resident assistant, having an internship, and even creating a new club at Curry, Abby Pieger '17 heard that message loud and clear.

Meet Mikayla Korona '17 - Community Health and Wellness

"My internship at Athletic Republic is great.  I'm being groomed to train middle and high school-age kids who have the goal to become Division 1 college athletes.  Already it has helped strengthen my passion for fitness, enhanced my communication skills and reassured me that this is the career I want to pursue."

Meet Professor Katherine Morrison

Health Professor Kathy Morrison's classes can't fill up fast enough. Her courses have become a popular staple on the Curry campus.

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Congratulations to members of the Curry education and health faculty for their on-going professional accomplishments!


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