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Alexander Graham Bell Honor Society members

The objective of the Alexander Graham Bell (AGB) Honor Society is to promote and recognize academic excellence at Curry College. The Society is named for the famous inventor, Alexander Graham Bell, who was an early chancellor at Curry College.  It was founded in 1971 to recognize and promote academic excellence through a variety of activities at Curry.  Members serve as a resource for the Academic Deans and the faculty, and recommend ways the academic environment of the College can be enriched.

2017-2018 Traditional Undergraduate Inductees

In the spring semester of 2018, 35 traditional undergraduate students were welcomed into the Alexander Graham Bell Honor Society. The Society recognized the following the list of inductees for 2017-2018:

View Photos from the 2018 Traditional Undergraduate Induction Ceremony

Juniors Seniors
Olivia Andrew Emma Adams
Alyssa Bogus Katherine Bowman
Mikayla Bohane Lauren Brehm
Laura Carter Catherine Chase
McKayla Couite Gretchen Desrosiers
Daniel Delos Jacob Elkins
Kayla DiBiase Jennie Eurbin
Gregory Estes Khaila Fitzgerald
Ashley Fantauzzi Yangkee Ghale
Ashley Fidalgo Elaina Morrison
Alexandra Landry Kelsey O'Connor
John Laurenza Julianna Petrucelli
Lionel Mauron Bianca Simeone
Kellie-Ann Maxwell Tara Simonini
Kerri Nugent Michaela Timmons
Rachel O'Donnell Emily Whalen
Victoria Parks
Brian Patterson
Krysteen Ribeiro

2017-2018 Traditional Continuing Education Inductees

View Photos from the 2018 Continuing Education Induction Ceremony

Christopher Bagge
Lauren Belmonte
Carmen Dos Santos
Melissa Dowd
Brian Hanlon
James Kneeland
Kelley McDonald
Persephone Merritt
Joseph Nabstedt
Allen Nancarrow
Chace Pagani
Kathryn Pevzner
Edward Prowse
David Rollins
Nancy Schauwecker
Zachrea Sydney
Dep Tran
Nicole Troy

The Alexander Graham Bell Honor Society is one of Curry's most distinguished organizations. Membership in the Society is limited to 10% of the senior class and 5% of the junior class, and all members must have achieved at least a 3.5 grade point average and the required number of graded credits. For Continuing Education students, membership is limited to members of the graduating class who have achieved a minimum 3.5 grade point average and completed a minimum of 45 classroom credits at Curry College.

Selection of students to be inducted in the AGB is based upon the required GPA and demonstrated leadership in service to the community.

The Alexander Graham Bell Honor Society seeks students who are involved and engaged in the College and/or in the community at large. Potential candidates are identified by meeting the criteria for grade point average and credits earned at Curry.

These students receive an invitation to apply to the Society and are asked to write a letter describing their academic achievements, their involvement in extracurricular and co-curricular activities, and how their leadership skills have served Curry or the community at large. These letters are reviewed and voted on by current AGB members.

After the election process, an induction ceremony and welcoming reception are held for new members.

Alexander Graham Bell Honor Society members are expected to continue to demonstrate excellence inside and outside of the classroom. This is accomplished through continuing to maintain a 3.5 GPA and participating in the activities and initiatives sponsored by the Society.

The AGB meets monthly to plan events and provide feedback to the College to promote and recognize academic excellence. Annual elections are held for the positions of President, Vice President, and Secretary.

Samuel Curry and his wife Anna Baright were teaching colleagues with Alexander Graham Bell at Boston University. Bell was an instructor in the Curry's School of Oratory associated with Boston University. Later, Samuel and Anna Curry established the School of Expression and their friend, Alexander Graham Bell, served as chancellor at that institution from 1907 until his death in 1922. In 1943 the institution changed its name to Curry College to honor its founders. In 1971 the Honor Society was formed to honor both the past accomplishments of Alexander Graham Bell and current academic accomplishments of exemplary Curry students.