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Alexander Graham Bell Honor Society members

The objective of the Alexander Graham Bell (AGB) Honor Society is to promote and recognize academic excellence at Curry College. The Society is named for the famous inventor, Alexander Graham Bell, who was an early chancellor at Curry College.  It was founded in 1971 to recognize and promote academic excellence through a variety of activities at Curry.

The Alexander Graham Bell Honor Society is one of Curry's most distinguished organizations. Membership in the Society is limited to those students who have achieved Dean’s List every semester while enrolled at Curry College.

2022 Inductees

View Photos from the 2022 Induction Ceremony

In the spring semester of 2022, 147 traditional undergraduate students were welcomed into the Alexander Graham Bell Honor Society. The Society recognized the following the list of inductees for 2022:

Kerrin Ahl
Abigail Ames
Amanda Anderson
Claire Ann Andrade
Rachel Baltas
Katie Bartlett
Jeannie Basile
Martin Beatty
Jacob Bishop
Jessica Black
Rosedina Blanc
Lauren Blasser
Nicole Bobadilla
Samantha Borges
Rachele Bouchard
Alex Bouchard
Jillian Bratti
Olivia Brunstrom
Halle Cabral
Megan Callahan
Sam Capodanno
Elizabeth Cavanaugh
Christina Chaplin
Vladimir Cibulka
Jesse Cinquini
Jenna Clancy
Lauren Clapper
Ashley Cloutier
Kayla Connors
Reid Cooper
Nick Corso
Natalie Couceiro
Nicole Craig
Courtney Cushing
Brittney DiNush
Wendy Donnell
Julie Donoghue
Sarah Doran
Megan Downer
Reham El-Dahrawy
Haley Ellsworth
Alexis Exama
Gretchen Faulstich
Evan Feldman
Nathan Fitzgerald
Catherine Fitzgerald
Gladys Flores
Sara Foley
La'Quentis Francis
Brittney Fredericks
Merry Garcia
Grey Ginaitt
Allison Gorbach
Lily Gray
Erin Hall
Katelyn Graham
Kelsey Henningson
Tashiia Herrington
Lauren Hicks
Jill Higgins
Brenda Hines
Aviva Hollander
Alex Hollenbeck
Andy Horan
Abby Houle
Jessie Hughes
Ana Jablonski
Paul Jankauskas
Elizabeth Huntoon
Abby Kaplan
Rylee Rose Kavanagh
Lisa Kehoe
Ciabha Kelleher
Kathryn Kelley
Sinead Kelly
Kelsey LaRose
Sara Lavallee
Julia Lotti
Tina Louissaint
Kristin Lydon
Elizabeth Mahoney
Katia Malinguaggio
Matthew Mariani
Adrien Martinez
Palmira Matos
Jenna McCarriston
Cassidee McDonnell
Meghara McManus
James McManus
Elizabeth McNamara
Rielley McPartlan
Jill McRoy
Alyssa Meneses
Lauren Mikkelson
Nicole Millett
Kimberly Mohammed
Felicity Monfils
Michael Murphy
Julie Nabstedt
Emma Nelson
Edward Newcomb
Victor Nguyen
Connor O'Brien
Alex Ochterbeck
Julia O'Connor
Hannah O'Leary
Jenna Paynter
Mike Pellegrini
Michelle Penido
Lexi Pereira
Courtney Pereira
Katie Pierson
Emily Plamondon
Margaret Quireyns
Derrick Ramos
Jasmine Reynolds
Isabel Rios-Mallett
Marita Sanabria
Sabrina Santaniello
Zoe Scangas
MacKenzie Schupp
Aidan Schwartz
Katharine Scordato
Taylor Shaughnessy
Julia Skamarycz
Kandace Small
Kayci Sniezek
Sofia Sowden
Sarah Stearns
Caitlin Studley
Kal Sundell
Kevin Szulak
Grace Tamulionis
Melissa Terry
Lillyan Thacker
Matthew Thomas
Amanda Thornton
Emma Tobin
Brianna Tocio
Stacy Troubh
Laura Trubiano
Erin Turner
Katherine Weitbrecht
Hannah Whalen
Maddie Wilson
Joshua Wine
William Zalewski

Samuel Curry and his wife Anna Baright were teaching colleagues with Alexander Graham Bell at Boston University. Bell was an instructor in the Curry's School of Oratory associated with Boston University. Later, Samuel and Anna Curry established the School of Expression and their friend, Alexander Graham Bell, served as chancellor at that institution from 1907 until his death in 1922. In 1943 the institution changed its name to Curry College to honor its founders. In 1971 the Honor Society was formed to honor both the past accomplishments of Alexander Graham Bell and current academic accomplishments of exemplary Curry students.