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Alexander Graham Bell Honor Society members

The objective of the Alexander Graham Bell (AGB) Honor Society is to promote and recognize academic excellence at Curry College. The Society is named for the famous inventor, Alexander Graham Bell, who was an early chancellor at Curry College.  It was founded in 1971 to recognize and promote academic excellence through a variety of activities at Curry.

The Alexander Graham Bell Honor Society is one of Curry's most distinguished organizations. Membership in the Society is limited to those students who have achieved Dean’s List every semester while enrolled at Curry College.

2020-2021 Inductees

In the spring semester of 2021, 94 traditional undergraduate students were welcomed into the Alexander Graham Bell Honor Society. The Society recognized the following the list of inductees for 2020-2021:

Greg Abbott
Jessica Allard
Brigid Avery
Emma Blanchard
Sydney Bolivar
Patrick Bouthillette
Emily Brent
Rebecca Brodette
Chase Buckman
Faith Cahill
Jaclyn Camiolo
Nekysha Carter
Justin Cochran
Gina Coote
Carrigan Costello
Frank Cundiff
Alison Daigle
Siobhan Dalton
Giuseppe Dattolo
Hailey DeCoffe
Meredith Denu
Jocelyn Dimond
Justin Dompier
Rachel Dumond
Jessica Emo
Mina Etedali
Christopher Foremny
Laura Friedman
Taylor Gallagher
Devin Gatto
Samantha Gilbert
Gianna Giuliano
Joshua Goldstein
Christine Green
Kaitlyn Gregory
Caitlyn Hammond
Mackenzie Hayes
Hannah Healy
Stephanie Herring
Gwendolyn Kalian
Kimberly Keehnle
Jordyn Keith
Caroline Kelly
David Keogh
Molly Kilroy
Maxwell Kramer
Brent Laing
Philip Ledwith
Ashley Lucaretti
Kristy MacDougall
Monique Magras
Zachary Maiuri
Jacquelyn Malloy
Natalie Manfra
Hallie Mansfield
Emily Mathers
Kate McDermott
Robert McDougall
Samantha McEachern
Sarah McGrath
Molly McKenna
Kelsie Merrill
Christopher Michaels
Tristan Morin
Kuda Muhlauri
Ellexus Nash
Ky Nicyper-Meryman
Liam O'Brien
Ryan O'Donnell
Tarek Paranica
Jenna Parenteau
Thomas Perez
Nicholas Pochay
Monika Porter
Jacob Qualter
Kelsie Rainone
Brian Richards
Mackenzie Rider
Kelsey Rose
Alexie Roy
Erin Ryan
Yamilhee Saint-Val
Nysha Sanchez
Dylan Saraiva
Matthew Scipione
Isabella Shields
Brittany Soares
Samantha Swerdlow
Julie Tarantino
Joseph Thielen
Justin Trible
Cameron Upham
Sarah Vaughan
Christian Vincent
Thomas Williamson

Samuel Curry and his wife Anna Baright were teaching colleagues with Alexander Graham Bell at Boston University. Bell was an instructor in the Curry's School of Oratory associated with Boston University. Later, Samuel and Anna Curry established the School of Expression and their friend, Alexander Graham Bell, served as chancellor at that institution from 1907 until his death in 1922. In 1943 the institution changed its name to Curry College to honor its founders. In 1971 the Honor Society was formed to honor both the past accomplishments of Alexander Graham Bell and current academic accomplishments of exemplary Curry students.

Due to the winter storm, all Curry College weekend classes will be held fully online beginning Saturday, January 29.