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As a supportive and caring community, Curry College continues to make strides in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging by welcoming students of all backgrounds and experiences.

As part of this commitment, the College is proud to offer gender-inclusive housing to all of our undergraduate students. Gender-inclusive housing is an on campus living option in which two or more students may share a multiple-occupancy bedroom, in mutual agreement, regardless of the students’ sex or gender.

We know that students thrive when they feel a true sense of community and belonging. Gender-inclusive residence life will contribute to the growth and personal development of our students by providing a more welcoming and supportive environment for students of all gender identities. This new program represents Curry College's commitment to gender diversity as an important aspect of our campus community as we continue to strive towards building a more just and equitable learning environment that creates spaces for belonging in the ways that our students require.

First-Year Students

Gender-inclusive housing is voluntary and will require students to opt in via application; there they can state they are interested in gender-inclusive housing options. There will be both single and double options for first-year gender-inclusive housing.

Residence Halls:   
North Campus Residence Hall  
886 Brush Hill Road

Returning Students

Gender-inclusive housing is voluntary and will require students to opt in via housing selection. The gender restrictions will be removed from roommate/suite groups to allow students to pair up regardless of a students’ sex or gender. Gender-inclusive housing options for returning students will include singles, doubles, and suite style living.

Residence Halls:
Alexander Graham Bell Hall  
Grey House  
Suites Style Building  
South Campus Residence Hall  
Milton Hall  
Main House  
White House

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is gender-inclusive housing?

Gender-inclusive housing options allow students regardless of sex or gender the ability to choose a roommate of any gender or gender expression and live in any building on campus that meets their academic and personal expectations. Gender-inclusive housing will allow a student the ability to use any bathroom within the residence hall that they feel best meets their needs.

Where can I find more information about gender and gender identity?

For on-campus resources, visit the Diversity Center on the 2nd floor of the Student Center or their site.

Who can participate in gender-inclusive housing?

Any residential student will be able to participate in gender inclusive housing.

Does my roommate also need to opt in for gender-inclusive housing?

Yes, we expect that if you are a matched roommate group all parties are aware of the match.

New students who are applying for gender-inclusive housing within a roommate group will need to indicate they are also interested in gender-inclusive housing.

Will all housing be gender-inclusive?

While Curry College would like all housing we provide to be gender-inclusive, we are limited to certain spaces at this time based on restroom facilities.

Will there be gender neutral bathrooms available in gender-inclusive housing?

Yes, each residence hall that has been deemed gender-inclusive will have a minimum of one single user gender neutral bathroom available.

What if someone who is placed in gender-inclusive housing no longer wishes to be?

Any student who wishes to no longer occupy the space they are in will go through the standard room change process, this includes but is not limited to gender inclusive and themed housing. The students remaining in the room or suite will work with their Community Director to fill the space. If the vacancy is within a gender-inclusive space the gender of the occupants will be considered, otherwise the space will be open to any gender.

Is gender-inclusive housing just for LGBTQIA+ identifying students?

While we hope this policy will support a better living environment for our LGBTQIA+ students, gender-inclusive housing will be open to all students.