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Our Mission

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) ensures that Curry College is an accessible, equitable, and inclusive learning and living environment for all students with disabilities. It provides accommodations and services that promote individual growth and self advocacy. Through collaboration and innovative programming, it strives to inform and educate all members of the Curry community and promote diversity that honors and appreciates disability. ODS feels strongly that individuals with disabilities are an essential part of the diverse community that makes up Curry.

Students choosing their meal at Curry College

Meal Plan Accommodations

Curry College takes your dietary needs seriously and we understand that your health and safety are most important to a successful college experience. Our goal is to provide students with the tools and support you need to be active in the management of their food allergy or food related medical condition while on campus.

Students in Bell Hall at Curry College

Housing Accommodations

Accessible Housing is available to students at Curry who have disabilities that substantially impact one or more major life activities as they relate to housing. The purpose of housing accommodations is to address aspects of residential life that are inaccessible in relation to a student’s disability.

Emotional Support Animal at Curry College

Emotional Support Animals (ESA)

All Emotional Support Animal Documentation must come from an external, licensed provider who oversees the treatment of your diagnosed disability and has an established relationship with you.

Curry College Students in Italy

Disability Accommodations Abroad

Although the ADA does not apply abroad, the underlying philosophy of Curry College is still to support our students with disabilities as much as possible with their needs as if it did apply abroad.

Curry College Students in class

Temporary Accommodations

Curry College recognizes that individuals with temporary injuries, recovering from surgery, or with short term medical conditions may need accommodations to access classrooms, course resources, and/or campus facilities. Temporary disabilities may include, but are not limited to; broken limbs, hand injuries, concussion, or short term impairment while recovering from (medically necessary) surgery.

Parents Help Students Move In at Curry College

Disability Resources and FAQ

College is an important time for students to establish their independence and learn to advocate for themselves. Parents and family members can also support students by encouraging them to take responsibility for the impact a disability may have on their academic and residential life.