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At Curry College, we are committed to supporting our students to success through a comprehensive approach that addresses academic, personal, and professional development.

CARES Team: Care, Assess, Respond, Evaluate, & Support

The CARES team is a campus-wide team of appointed members responsible for initiating supportive measures for students who need additional support academically, emotionally, or psychologically, or who present a risk to the health and/or safety of the college or its members. The core team members will meet on a weekly basis to assess reports and create a success/safety plan for students.

Do You Have Concerns?

General Concern

If you are concerned about a member of the Curry College community who is exhibiting behavior that is disruptive, worrisome, or poses a potential threat to the safety and well-being of the campus community or any member of it, or who is struggling:

  • academically,
  • financially, or
  • personally/emotionally

...please share your concern by completing the online form.

Your concern will be routed to the appropriate office and/or team of trained staff depending on the nature of the concern. Students will be contacted and offered assistance as appropriate.

Please remember that this form should NOT be used for emergency situations. If this is an emergency or urgent matter, please see the option below.

Emergency or Urgent Threats

For immediate threat or emergencies please call Curry College Public Safety at 617-333-2222 and local law enforcement at 911.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you witness an emergency or threatening behavior, contact Curry College’s Public Safety team immediately – 617-333-2222.

If the behavior is not an emergency but you are still concerned, we ask that you submit a Share a Concern form as soon as possible.

The CARES team will do its best to keep your information private. If you prefer that your name not be revealed to the student you are concerned about, it will be kept confidential. In some cases, the information you provide will only be known to you and so the student you are concerned about may know its source. The team will always discuss this matter with you before taking any action that would make your identity known. The CARES team’s responsibility is to provide help for a student who may need it while providing support for faculty, students or staff who have come forward with their concerns. Please note that the CARES Team is not a confidential resource. Two of the confidential resources on campus are the Counseling Center and Violence Prevention and the office of Sexual Misconduct Prevention & Response.

The CARES team will confirm that we have responded to your concern in some way. In order to protect the privacy of the student you are concerned about, we will not provide you with detailed information regarding our findings or actions in a given situation unless it is necessary. We ask that you recognize our requirement to maintain student privacy and that you follow up with us again if your concern persists. Each time that you contact The CARES team, you share important perspectives that we would not know about unless you provide them. We address every concern and take each report seriously.

Yes, students may send concerns about their peers to the CARES team. If you are aware of or have witnessed an incident involving a friend or classmate that concerns you, fill out the Share a Concern form and the CARES Team will follow up with the concern.

Based on the type of incident or concern you report, the CARES team will contact you in order to get additional information and/or other crucial details. From there, the team will determine the most appropriate course of action to take using the information you have shared and any other information that has been gathered. The CARES team’s role is to determine the level of urgency and recommend support resources.

The student that you report will be given the support and assistance they require by the CARES team and other College and/or community resources. The primary purpose of the team is to provide help to students who are experiencing challenges or in a state of crisis. When you report a student that you are concerned about, you are ensuring that they will receive the best possible assistance from qualified staff members.

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I Need...

Supporting Curry College students' success through academic, personal, and professional development is paramount to our mission. Here you will find the support you need to get through challenges, persevere at Curry, and help you graduate and continue to pursue your dream career. We know that every situation is unique, so please do not hesitate to reach out.