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Made for Tomorrow's Leaders!

The President’s Leadership Program (PLP) at Curry College is made up of a highly selective group of talented, driven, compassionate, and accomplished students and is designed to inspire and foster leaders of tomorrow. Students are chosen based on past achievements, creative accomplishments, and demonstrated leadership in academic or community spaces.

The President’s Leadership Program prepares students for a life of leadership, civic responsibility, and career success through a range of activities, workshops, and events just for PLP students both inside and outside the classroom including:

  • Engagement and connections with industry leaders
  • Community service opportunities
  • Team building activities
  • Optional international study
  • and much more!

This leadership journey will challenge students to explore what it means to be a leader and build the communication and critical thinking skills that employers are looking for. To secure your spot in the President’s Leadership Program, you must submit the Intent to Participate Form and your enrollment deposit by May 1. Space in the program is limited and will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis.

Complete the Intent to Participate Form

Complimentary Summer Class

As a participant in the President's Leadership Program, you will have the opportunity to take an optional, free online class the summer prior to your first year at Curry, giving you a head start on your college experience. Registration for the eight-week summer online courses opens in June.

President’s Leadership Speaker Series

Students will have an opportunity to engage with and learn perspectives from an array of leaders from the public and private sectors. These leaders share insights on and responses to today’s leadership challenges through formal presentations and student interaction.

Community Service

Students in the President’s Leadership Program will be required to complete a minimum of 20 hours of service under the supervision or approval of the program staff. Service develops students’ self-efficacy, engages them in the practice of leadership, exposes them to social problems and empowers them to become part of the solution by being critical thinkers. Students may volunteer at a vast array of service organizations through the Curry Cares program.


Having become acquainted with leadership theory, process, and practice through the President’s Leadership Program curriculum, each student will enhance their leadership competencies through supervised internships in business, government, and/or nonprofit organizations. By developing and improving leadership qualities in a sustained program of courses, mentoring, service, and internships, the President’s Leadership Program provides students with the academic and experiential foundation needed to succeed in academic studies, professional careers, and in their personal lives.

Student Life in the PLP

The President’s Leadership Program is more than an opportunity to develop personally and academically. The PLP community is also the foundation for lifelong relationships. Beginning with the overnight experience, PSP first-year students’ bond with each other, the PLP staff, and upper-class student-facilitators. 

Year 1:

"Curry Launch" Course
A grade of (C) or better is required to maintain membership in good standing.

Fall and Spring:
President’s Leadership Speaker Series, community service, personal and leadership development experiences, campus involvement.

Year 2 and 3:

Fall and Spring:
Personal and leadership development experiences, President’s Leadership Speaker Series, coursework in the minor, community service, campus involvement.

Year 4:

Fall and Spring:
President’s Leadership Speaker Series, community service, campus involvement.

International Study - Study abroad through a Curry College sponsored summer course or spend a semester abroad through a college-approved exchange program.

Students are selected for the President's Leadership Program through the College admission review process. Students are selected based on their academic achievement, as well as their demonstration of leadership potential. Applications are reviewed holistically on an individual basis. If submitted, test scores are considered as an evaluative measure. At the end of each academic semester, students are reviewed for program continuation in accordance with the standards outlined in the PLP student contract.

Incoming first-year PLP students are eligible for priority housing. 

Understanding leadership relationships, processes, and competencies is essential to success, not only in college life, but also in private, public, and community sectors. The President’s Leadership Program offers opportunities for students to:

  • Study and apply leadership theory and principles.
  • Understand the responsibilities and commitments for ethical leadership and purposeful change.
  • Develop self-understanding and self-leadership.
  • Broaden and deepen world perspectives.
  • Strengthen oral and written communication.
  • Strengthen interpersonal competencies.
  • Develop the ability to enlist others in a common purpose.
  • Strengthen personal and organizational responsibility.
  • Develop an orientation toward positive risk-taking.
  • Develop the ability to manage and resolve conflict.
  • Develop a strong work ethic and high standards of excellence.
Jay Gonzalez is the 15th president of Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts, beginning his tenure on July 31, 2023.

Meet President Jay Gonzalez

Jay Gonzalez is the president of Curry College. Gonzalez has a deep breadth of experience in the law, government, education, politics, advocacy, and business leadership. He is the 15th president of Curry and is the first Hispanic leader of the College.