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Diversity Committee 

In the spring of 1995, the Institutional Committee on Diversity (a.k.a. Diversity Committee) was founded and given the following charge:

"The Institutional Committee on Diversity is charged with making recommendations to the President and Senior Staff on all aspects of diversity among students, faculty and staff. The committee shall work with other existing campus groups and offices in facilitating both curricular and co-curricular changes and modifications as deemed appropriate by the college community."

Since its creation, the Committee continues to collaborate with other groups and offices to sponsor or co-sponsor countless diversity-related events at Curry College throughout the academic year. We continuously strive to foster a wider understanding and appreciation of diversity in our community, with our ultimate goal of establishing a safe and enriching environment for all members of Curry.

If your club, organization, or department is planning an event related to diversity, we'd like to hear about it. Guest speakers, films, roundtable discussions, etcetera-we'd love to hear more, and help you further promote your event throughout the community.

For more information, email: