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LGBTQ Pride Flag

LGBTQ+ Events at Curry College

Curry's commitment to diversity extends to all members of our community. This section of the website is meant to provide easy access to various in-person and online resources tailored to members of the LGBTQIA+ community. The following pages discuss issues associated with sexual orientation diversity, gender and gender expression diversity, an ally creation and motivation. You will find information about community building at Curry College, LGBTQIA+ specific programming, and available physical and mental health services.


Curry Pride Coalition is a student organization that "educates the Curry College community on LGBTQIA+ population and matters. We do various events, such as Let's Talk About It panels, where students and faculty members share their personal experiences on a themed topic (such as discussing stereotypes), host guest speakers from the greater Boston area LGBTQIA+ community, movie nights, and much more! All are welcome!

Curry Pride Coalition can be reached at


The Office of Residence Life & Housing is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all students.  For those students who may not identify along the traditional gender binary, we encourage you to reach out to Marcie Harrington, Director of Residence Life & Housing to discuss what living options may be best for you.  You can call our office at 617-333-2252.

Preferred Name

Preferred Names on Student Records:

Curry College understands that there are circumstances in which you may choose to utilize a first name different from your legal name within the Curry community.   In these cases, you may identify a preferred first name to be recorded in the student system.  Please note that use of a preferred name does not change your legal name. A change to your legal name requires specific documentation.   

Preferred Name FAQ's:

How do I request a preferred name?  Please complete the Preferred Name Request, located on the myCurry portal under the 'Registrar' tab.  In most cases, your preferred name will appear in the student system by the following business day.

Will my preferred name appear on my Curry College student ID?  Once your preferred name is recorded in the system, a student ID card reflecting the preferred name may be issued.  Student ID cards are issued at the Department of Public Safety Office, located in the Mayflower Parking Lot and reachable at 617-333-2232.  You can also request to have a new photograph taken for your ID at the Public Safety Office.

Will my Curry email address reflect my preferred name? After you have requested the use of a preferred name through the Registrar's Office, the Registrar will notify the Tech Center to change the way in which your name is displayed on your email.

Will my preferred name appear on my instructors' class rosters?  Your preferred name will appear on some class rosters and student lists maintained by your instructors.   The official roster that faculty use to record your final grades will display your legal name.

Will my advisor's records reflect my preferred name?   Your course selection wish list, degree audit, and midterm grade information will reflect your preferred name.  Your advisor also has access to your unofficial transcript, which will display your legal name.

Will my preferred name appear on my diploma?  In the fall of your senior year, you will be asked to complete the online Intent to Graduate Form.  If you would like your preferred name to appear on your diploma, you may indicate this on the Intent to Graduate Form.

Will my preferred name appear on my CAPP online degree audit? Your CAPP degree audit will display your preferred name.

Where will my preferred name not appear?  Your official academic record (including your transcript), enrollment verifications submitted to National Student Clearinghouse, billing and financial aid information, and your instructors' official grade rosters will display your legal name.

How do I remove a preferred name I already submitted?  Please contact the Registrar's Office at to remove a preferred name from the system.

How do I request a legal name change? Please visit the Registrar's Office at 79A Atherton Street to request a legal name change. Official documentation (a court or other legal document reflecting the name change) is required.

Who do I contact if I have located a place where I feel my preferred name should be displayed or if I have other questions about preferred names?  You may contact the Registrar's Office at or (617) 333-2008.

Restroom Access

Consistent with the College's non-discrimination policy and Massachusetts state law, transgender people have the right to use restrooms or locker rooms consistent with their gender identities.  Individuals preferring single-user restrooms will find a number of such facilities throughout campus.  Residential students with concerns about bathroom access in the residence halls are welcome to contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing at (617) 333-2252.

The following individuals have come together to help create the content for this site and would welcome any questions or suggestions that you may have:

Richard Sommer
Director of Equity Compliance & Title IX Coordinator

Jammy Torres Millet (she/they)
Director of the Diversity Center

Jeannette Buntin (she/her)
Assistant Vice President of Engagement and Diversity

Pat Kelley (he/him)
Assistant Director of Student Activities

June Koukol (she/her)

Marcie Harrington (she/her)
Director of Residence Life & Housing

Bob O'Connell (he/him)
Director of Buildings & Grounds