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Earn Your Bachelor's and Master's in Just 5 Years!

5th Year Program Students at Curry College

Our 5th Year Master’s Programs provide you with your Master of Arts in Criminal Justice (MACJ), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Education (M.Ed.), or Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) just one year after you receive your Bachelor’s Degree.

How Do Our 5th Year Programs Work?

Students in the M.Ed. and MACJ programs are part of cohort groups. This means that the same students will be in all graduate courses for the entire program, start to finish. The MBA and MSA programs offer open enrollment, so students can choose which courses to take each semester. Curry students in any major can apply into the 5th year MACJ, MBA, and MSA programs, while the M.Ed. program is open to Education majors.

Students in the MACJ and M.Ed. programs are able to take graduate courses in each semester of their senior year while obtaining their bachelor’s degree (the cost of which is covered by their undergraduate tuition). Students then go on for just one more year to complete their master’s degree. Students complete the MBA or the MSA program after earning their bachelor’s degree. These master’s programs take one year to complete.

On-campus housing is available for students participating in 5th Year Programs.  Please contact the Office of Residence Life & Housing at 617-333-2252 or for more information.

Where Can a Curry Master's Degree Take You?

Our alumni work in a variety of fields in top-notch positions. MACJ graduates work in local, state, and federal law enforcement, parole and probation, corrections, courts, and many other areas. Our MBA alumni are researchers, marketers, and leaders at some of the country’s top companies, like 3M, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and Biogen. Many of our M.Ed. alumni go on to make a meaningful impact in public and independent school districts in Massachusetts and across the nation. And our MSA graduates go on to successful careers working as accountants and tax experts at local, national, and global businesses−including the BIG FOUR!

Note: Curry also offers a Master of Science in Nursing.

A master’s degree in criminal justice can open doors and give you a real edge in your career. There are many reasons to choose Curry’s 5th Year MACJ Program. Here are just a few:

Capstone Project Experience – The Capstone Project truly sets our program apart from others. Along with members of your cohort you will develop and carry out a community-based project that addresses a contemporary criminal justice issue through the application of an innovative, problem-solving approach. The project will culminate in a presentation with your fellow cohort members, where faculty, community leaders, and subject-matter experts will be in attendance.

Exciting Courses – You’ll take courses in Criminology, Innovative Justice Administration, Trauma Informed Work and Restoration in the Justice System, Data Analysis, and many more.

Substantial Tuition Discount – Curry students enjoy approximately $7,000 in savings over a traditional graduate MACJ program.

Learning with the Experts – Undergraduate students in their senior year learn side by side with other graduate students who are experienced practitioners, as well as from faculty experts. This gives the 5th year students the unique opportunity to network with current professionals and learn from a rich diversity of experiences in the classroom.

Learn in a Hyflex Modality – Students now have a schedule with increased flexibility. You choose how to attend lectures: in-person or remotely through Zoom. Courses delivered in hyflex offer flexibility while you remain connected with your professors and peers.

The 100% Online 5th Year Curry College MBA can give you an advantage over your competition and elevate your career to the next level. There are so many reasons to choose Curry’s MBA Program, including:

Three Certificates, One Degree – Gain the unique advantage of earning professional certifications while pursuing your degree. Curry’s MBA allows you the choice to earn individual certificates in Financial Analytics, Strategic Management and Operations Analytics. Whether you want to pursue a single certificate or all three for your complete MBA, Curry provides the tools you need to succeed.

IACBE Accreditation –Curry’s Business Programs are accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).

Exciting Courses – You’ll take courses (100% Online) in Global Business Policy, Strategic Corporate Finance, Marketing Analytics, Project Management, and many more.

Substantial Tuition Discount – Curry students enjoy a 20% discount in tuition for the MBA Program.

A 5th Year Master of Education in Elementary or Special Education at Curry will accelerate your career while saving you significant time and money. In addition to the M.Ed. you’ll also earn two teaching credentials.

Two Degrees, Two Credentials:

  • Earn your first DESE credential as you complete your bachelor’s degree
  • Earn a second DESE credential in one more year, as you complete your master’s degree

Exciting Opportunities – Seize the opportunity for early field experience in your sophomore year and take advantage of enhanced teaching job opportunities.

Substantial Tuition Discount – Curry students enjoy significant savings ($) over a traditional graduate M.Ed. program

With a 5th Year Master of Science in Accounting degree, you will gain the knowledge required to sit for the CPA and CMA exams - preparing you for a successful career in Accounting or Taxation.

  • 100% Online
  • Just 10 months to complete your master’s degree
  • Completion of the MSA satisfies the 150 credit requirement of the CPA examination
Mathieu Gokas

Meet Mathieu Gokas '21, MBA '22

Mathieu Gokas earned two degrees in just five years at Curry College. While an undergraduate at Curry, he narrowed his career interests to marketing, project management and sales. Yet, he says he gained much more from his classes than the ins and outs of the business world.

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Zoltan Eross ’20, collaborates on a project in the 5th Year MBA Program

Meet Zoltan Eross '20, MBA '21

For Zoltan Eross, the decision to continue graduate school at Curry in the 5th Year MBA Program was a “win-win-win” decision. Getting a Master of Business Administration degree meant he would expand his job prospects, advance his collegiate ice hockey career, and gain new training from his favorite faculty mentors.

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